BG2 Tweak Pack Cosmetic Changes

This batch of tweaks generally changes the look and feel of the game, without making general rule changes or altering the underlying mechanics of the engine.

Remove Helmet Animations
Many don't like how any of the helmets look on the character avatars. Now they can't be seen at all - just like ioun stones. This component will affect all helmets in the game, including helmets introduced by mods.

Imoen Avatar Change
BG2, BGT only
This component will change Imoen's avatar from a thief to a mage.

Nalia Avatar Change
BG2, BGT only
This component will change Nalia's avatar from a mage to a thief.

Viconia Skin Color Change
A fan request, this component will change Viconia's in-game avatar to have dark blue skin to match her default portrait.

Avatar Morphing Script
This script allows you to select whatever PC avatar you wish for your character or any joinable NPC. Assign this script to the character whose avatar you wish to change. To change the avatar return to the game screen, ensure the party AI in on (and the game is not paused) and press 'S'. This will take you to the avatar selection screen. Once the morph is complete re-assign a combat script to the character. Please note that this component can cause slowdowns on older systems.

Weapon Animation Tweaks
By default, spears in BG2 use 33% overhead swings, 33% backhand swings and only 34% thrusting attacks. Wouldn't it make more sense to use the pointy end?

This component adjusts the attack animation balances of various weapons classes: spears, staves, short swords, and one-handed blunt instruments such as clubs and maces. Spears and short swords now primarily use thrusting attacks and staves are more consistent as a class and use more swinging attacks. A handful of clubs and maces were using thrust attacks; they now only use swinging attacks like all other one-handed blunt weapons. This component also changes morningstars to use a mace animation when attacking, instead of the flail-like ball-and-chain animation. Morningstars are depicted in inventory icons and description pictures as being closer to spiked maces. This component will affect all items in the game, including items introduced by mods.

Icewind Dale Casting Graphics (Andyr)
When your character casts a spell, you get a pretty sequence of colors swirling around their hand depending on the school the spell cast came from. A necromantic spell, for example, looks quite different from creating an illusion. The Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games use different sets of animations for the schools. This component changes the spellcasting animations to those of Icewind Dale. Note that this is purely a cosmetic change--the spells themselves function exactly as before. Screenshots for comparison are available in the Tweaks gallery.

Restore SoA Load Screen Logo
BG2, BGT only, Requires Throne of Bhaal
This component will restore the SoA logo to the load screens with Throne of Bhaal installed. On the left is the load screen with Throne of Bhaal installed; on the right is the restored Shadows of Amn screen with this component. This component will not work if you have biffed your override folder, a common practice for many large mods. Screenshots for comparison are available in the Tweaks gallery.

Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
This component will prevent items from displaying the small icons (fire resistance, protection from charm) that appear on the character portrait while equipped. This will not affect the actual effects of the items, only the display of the icon. It will also not affect icons added by spells or other means.

Commoners Use Drab Colors
Unlike Icewind Dale, commoners in BG2 wear brightly colored clothes. This tweak changes the random selections of colors for commoners to a drab palette. The dress of noblemen and noblewomen are not affected.

Icon Improvements
This component uses a combination of BG, IWD, and BG2 icons to better differentiate armor when it is on the ground. It also restores the inventory icon to the Case(s) of Plenty. Screenshots for comparison are available in the Tweaks gallery.

Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon)
This component will change characters' avatars to a mage if they equip a robe or a fighter/thief/cleric if they equip armor. This allows a thief/mage, for example, to equip a robe and look like as if he is actually wearing one, and then equip a piece of leather armor, and look like a thief. This component will affect all items in the game, including those added by mods.

Force All Dialogue to Pause
This component will change all dialogue to pausing. No longer will bandits attack in the middle of a conversation. This component will affect all dialogues in the game, including ones introduced by mods.

Fix Boo's Squeak
When you click on Boo in Minsc's inventory you're treated to a terrible, sped-up sound of someone saying 'squeak'. This component replaces this awful noise with an actual Boo squeak pared from one of Minsc's sound files.