Divine Remix

The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes (clerics, paladins, druids, and rangers) in Baldur's Gate (via Baldur's Gate Tutu) and Baldur's Gate II. The mod originally began as Cleric Remix.

This originally started as a project to simply add some cleric kits to Baldur's Gate II. Andyr and NiGHTMARE, already planning something similar (though far more extensive) for their upcoming Lands of Intrigue mod, came on board and helped us with the concept, implementation, and scope of the mod. The mod has several goals, aimed at enhancing role-playing for these four classes. First was an overall expansion of kits and options available for each class--there are many, many Faerûnian deities available, and while we won't be able to address all of them (including several of the more common deities or, more specifically, their specialty priests), the mod will give the players new ways to explore the stories and adventures of both BG and BG2. To truly accomplish differentiation, however, we had to really revamp the divine magic system. Most notably, we've adapted the PnP system of spell spheres (more on this below) to better reflect the diversity of beliefs among deities and their followers. New spells have also been added.

Spells and spheres

The most notable change to the spell system is the proper implementation of spheres. Like arcane magic and its school system, divine magic can be broken into spheres such as animal, necromancy, protection, etc. The spells available to a divine caster are limited to spheres related to their deity's portfolio. There are three levels of sphere access:

  • Major - character can cast all spells in this sphere
  • Minor - character can cast spells up to and including level three in this sphere
  • None - character can not cast spells in this sphere

The different spell selections available to a character can vary, sometimes significantly, between classes and even within kits of a class. The spells available to the character reflect their beliefs, and as such, one spellbook for all no longer makes sense. Sphere restrictions are now included in kit descriptions. Under the implementation of spheres, spells that had previously been druid-only are now accessible to some specialty priests and in some cases (Dolorous Decay) available to trueclass clerics as well. New divine spells are included. If a spell belongs to multiple spheres, access to any of the spell's spheres will grant a character access to the spell. Access to all spheres is not required.

General cleric changes

Clerics were the starting point of the mod, and as such are the most changed of the four classes. A full sphere system has been implemented for the three existing kits as well as the new kit priests. Trueclass clerics receive an additional spell per level to compensate for their smaller spell selections in spell levels four to seven, whereas kits gain innate abilities relevant to their deity. Kits also have unique holy symbols for their deities, for ToB players. Trueclass clerics have major access to the spheres of all, charm, combat, creation, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, protection, and summoning and minor access to the spheres of elemental (earth) and elemental (water).

General druid changes

In this version, only minor changes are made to druids. Druids have looser bounds on their neutrality requirements--rather than being restricted to True Neutral, druids are now allowed to have any alignment that contains neutrality: neutral good, neutral evil, lawful neutral, and chaotic neutral are now allowed in addition to true neutral. Druids (and their kits, mod or otherwise) have been moved to a druid-appropriate spell sphere selection of major access to all, animal, elemental (all), healing, plant, sun and weather.

General paladin changes

Paladins (and their kits, mod or otherwise) have been moved to a paladin-appropriate spell sphere selection of major access to the spheres of combat, divination, healing and protection.

General ranger changes

Rangers (and their kits, mod or otherwise) have been moved to a ranger-appropriate spell sphere selection of major access to all, animal, healing, plant, and weather.