JPS' Portrait Pack

A preview of this portrait mod, and all other portrait mods, is available in the Portrait Gallery.

In JPS' own words:

"The first two portraits I blame on the PPG flirt packs. One of the flirt options for Aerie is "Stare down Aerie's robe", but if you look at her portrait you'll notice that her robe is of the non-stareable kind. So to get a deeper and more immersive roleplaying experience I made this. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

(Part of the picture is borrowed from a portrait from the Portrait Portal. I'll give it back if they ask.)

My favorite flirt option for Jaheira is "Play with Jaheira's braids". Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, so the 38x60 version that you see most in the game doesn't look that great. At the moment I'm using the second portrait instead.

I was allergic to headbands for a while, so I removed them from the Nalia and Viconia portraits. Then I started editing other things as well, and then my trial version copy of Photoshop stopped working. These two would be "works in progress" if I was planning to ever do anything about them. But since I probably won't they're just 'works in'.

And finally there's a picture of Imoen without the stuff in her hair and with an attempt at a smile."

Check out a preview in the Portrait Gallery!