Plasmocat's "Picks of the Litter" Portrait Pack

A preview of this portrait mod, and all other portrait mods, is available in the Portrait Gallery.

From the author Plasmocat: "These are some of my favorite portraits, many of which were commissioned for various mods and others which are just portraits I wanted to make from the photos of models I thought were interesting. Not all of my favorite edits are represented in this pack because I didn't include portraits which were manipulations of anime (with one exception) or were tweaks of other artists I did to suit my own character needs. I also didn't include non-humanoid characters--such as the half-orc, the kobold, and the gibberling I've done--mainly because I wanted to finish each of them out a little more in different ways and haven't found the time for them yet. Instead, I tried to stick to work I had done from photos of models, pieces of clothing/armor, and landscapes I found myself."