The BG1 NPC Project Documentation: Dynaheir's Quest Walkthrough

A Gibberlings Three Mod
Authors: The BG1 NPC Project team.


The party encounters Drizzt, and he turns out to have pivotal information on retrieving Dynaheir's personal journal from her capture by the Gnolls.


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The party meets Drizzt, either with Dynaheir, with Minsc, with Edwin, or alone.  Drizzt initiates a new path after (if ) you help him defeat the Gnolls in his area. This may start immediately, if Dynaheir is in your party, or if she is not then return to the area with her to start the quest.

All eventually lead back to Drizzt, who gives journal page and offers 3 choices:

Drizzt Searches Alone: Drizzt will return in a day, somewhere along the Sword Coast, but party must encounter "Good Gnolls" for the storyline to continue.  

Drizzt and Party Search: Drizzt will return in a day, but party must encounter "Good Gnolls" for the storyline to continue.

Party Searches Alone: Drizzt has Left The Building. Party will encounter "Good Gnolls", then "Evil Gnolls". And kill the evil ones, of course.

If you are on the "Drizzt Alone" path, you are done. A day later, Drizzt seeks out the party (in any southwestern outdoor area EXCEPT the original area FW4200, and lets them know that he had to kill a group of evil Gnolls to get it.

If you are on the Party-Searches with Drizzt, you are done; Drizzt will find you and deliver the journal.

If you are a Party-Alone scenario, almost immediately after the Good Gnoll Encounter the Evil Gnolls spawn, yell about attacking, and initiate combat. Killing them results in treasure, including the journal; Dynaheir should talk about it immediately on picking it up. At this point, if Edwin is in the party, there is a branch to an Ed/Dy verbal conflict; if you froce Dy to let Ed see the journal, he has to return it after a day. If you don't, he steals it after a day and has to return it.

End of story until the Maze into the UnderCity, unless/until you are in romance.

If you hit Dy romance active 2 after getting the journal, three days or so later Winski shows up to try to clobber/abduct Dy +/- Minsc. He either succedes, and the party members disappear with him, or he teleports away leaving a bunch of summoned imps (variable by # in party) and a special imp who chants a Domi-original spell, complete with sound effects and all the bells and whistles. If the party kills the imp, great - move on. If they don't kill it before the spell is completed, then Dy +/- Minsc are teleported away.

Final encounter; regardless of romance, if Dynaheir is in the party in the Maze when you encounter Winski's dying body, there is a story-fleshing-out/closure discusion between Dy and Winski.