The BG1 NPC Project Documentation: Tiax's Quest Walkthrough

A Gibberlings Three Mod
Authors: The BG1 NPC Project team.


The party will know more about Tiax's past and define a future of one man. The quest was designed with an evil player in mind, so the rewards for the good party will not be great, save for the deed itself.


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The quest begins in the city of Baldur's Gate, not far from the Iron Throne building.

A gnome, Belgin, stands in the top left corner of the map. He approaches the party, if he sees Tiax.

The party can send him away at once, in which case he doesn't come back.

If they agree to listen to Belgin, however, it turns out that Belgin is Tiax's old travelling companion, who is now hunted for Tiax's murder. Seeing Tiax alive and well, Belgin asks the party to help him clear his name, and to visit Blade and Stars to show Tiax to the mercenaries.

The player can also try and force some money from Belgin at this point. Belgin will wait for the party in Helm and Cloak, an inn in Baldur's Gate.

At Blade and Stars, the party can try and reason with Karris, the leader of the mercenaries. Another alternative is killing him and his group, or telling him Belgin's whereabouts, in which case Belgin disappears forever.

If the player has chosen to help Belgin, the party can proceed to Helm and Cloak. However, if Tiax is in party, he proclaims he had a vision from Cyric, and must kill Belgin now. WARNING: If the party does not assist Tiax in this matter, or delay the murder for too long, Tiax will eventually leave forever!

At Helm and Cloak, the party may yet again make a choice. Killing Belgin will net the party 2000 gold, and helping him - only 1000.

For more detail, this is Caillean's testing report:

I tested Tiax' quest today, so here is my report:

1.) I told Belgin I would help him. I convinced the bounty hunters in the Blade and Stars that Telliax is alive. When leaving the tavern, Tiax starts babbling about some vision from Cyric and that he needs to kill Belgin. I returned to Belgin in the Helm and Cloak.

- I killed him. Reputation -1 and 2000 GP were to be found on his body.

- I tried to press money from Belgin or told him that the bounty hunters know that he is innocent: That means 1000 GP and Tiax left the party.

2.) I attacked Belgin right away, next to the Iron Throne headquarters. He just disappeared, I could not kill him. I went to the Helm and Cloak to see if he is there, but he was not. I went to the Blade and stars to see about the bounty hunters. I told them I killed Belgin, but they wouldn't believe me without proof. I told them that Belgin can be found in the Helm and Cloak (what was not true), and gained 1500 GP from them. I returned to the Helm and Cloak to see what's happening there and expected the bounty hunters to confront me, because they did not found Belgin there, but they were not to be found in the tavern. They won't come for me if I point them into the wrong direction.

3.) I also killed the bounty hunters. Belgin was not happy to hear this, because now they're after him not only for the death of Telliax, but the bounty hunters' murder as well.

4.) I turned Belgin down right from the start, he left and the journal said I won't be bothered by him anymore.

In the end it comes down to three possible outcomes:

1.) Help Belgin and receive 1000 GP and Tiax leaves the party

2.) Kill Belgin and receive 2000 GP and suffer a loss of reputation -1

3.) (this one is not stated in the Readme file for this quest) Reveal Belgins whereabouts to the bounty hunters and receive 1500 GP