Sword Coast Stratagems II: Compatibility

SCS II is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II. It should work fine (and has been tested) on Baldur's Gate Trilogy, but most of its content is specific to the BG2 part of the game. (For BG content, you might want to look at the original Sword Coast Stratagems). It is not designed for Tutu (Tutu players, again, might like to try the original SCS).

SCS II currently requires Throne of Bhaal. If anyone is still playing BG2 without ToB installed, and would like to try SCS II, let me know - if there is sufficient demand I will make SCS II ToB-independent as much as possible.

SCS II attempts to be as compatibility-friendly as possible. It should be compatible with most quest, item, NPC and tweak mods (I don't know of any significant incompatibilities other than those listed below). In almost all cases SCS II should be installed after other mods (Virtue is probably an exception, as is the (G3) BG2 Tweak Pack). Where there are incompatibilities, please let me know, as most are probably fixable by mild modifications of SCS II.

SCS II is designed to work with the (G3) BG2 Fixpack. I very strongly recommend that you install this fixpack first, before any other mods but certainly before SCS II. It probably installs without the Fixpack (or with Baldurdash) but it's designed on the assumption that Fixpack is installed, and odd things may happen if it isn't.

In general, SCS II should be installed last, or at least: as late as possible. In particular, if you use the Spellhold component of SCS II it needs to be installed after all other mods that add new items to the game. (If you get this wrong the world won't end, but those new items won't be confiscated from you in Spellhold.) Exception: the BG2 Tweakpack can be installed after SCS II, since I explicitly allow for its new items.

SCS II is fully compatible with my Throne of Bhaal content-enhancement mod, Wheels of Prophecy. Install SCS II after Wheels of Prophecy. (Note: the Wheels of Prophecy Readme says to install SCSII first; this is a typo, ignore it.)

SCS II has slight compatibility issues with Divine Remix. Divine Remix rearranges the spellbooks of some potentially-hostile priests and SCS II, not knowing this, will fail to use their spells effectively. This is unlikely to have any significant effect on play, though.

If you install "Tougher Sendai" from Oversight then SCS II will still work, but the SCS II improvements to Sendai (in the Smarter Mages / Smarter Priests component) will be skipped in favour of the Oversight ones. Pick which one you want.

SCS II should be compatible with Demivrgvs's "Spell Revisions" (SR) mod and Demivrgvs' and Mike1072's "Item Revisions (IR) mod, although as of version 10, SCS II spellcasters use only 1st-5th level modified spells. I have some minor worries that the Spell Revisions modifications to Glitterdust and Faerie Fire may cause balancing problems for SCS II thieves, but there shouldn't be a technical problem. SR and IR should be installed beforeSCS II (and indeed before most mods). Some SR and IR components overlap with SCS II components; these components will be silently skipped on an install of SCS II.

SCS II is compatible with some but not all other tactical mods. The following notes are hopefully reliable but so far I have only done limited testing; I would be very interested to hear feedback from players on whether they are reliable.

Quest Pack

Quest Pack's AI and creature enhancements should be compatible with SCS II. Install Quest Pack first, then install whichever components of SCS II you want: they will override the Quest Pack for the affected creatures. Quest Pack still has some content not influenced by SCS II: notably, it improves Mummies and Umber Hulks.


Compatibility between Tactics and SCS II depends on the components:

  • Components which have a direct SCS II analogue: common sense applies, only install the ones you want. These are: Improved Bodhi, Improved Irenicus in Hell, Improved D'Arnise Keep, Improved Kangaxx, Improved Mind Flayers, Smarter Dragons, Smarter Beholders, Slightly Smarter Mages and Liches, Slightly Tougher Demons, Improved Golems, Streamlined Trolls (which overlaps with SCS II's "Resilient Trolls"), Tougher Druid Grove (the Faldorn part ovelaps with SCS II's) Improved Faldorn, Improved Sahuagin City, and Improved Demon Knights (which overlaps with SCS II's Improved Fiends component).
  • Components with no overlap with SCS II: should be compatible. These are: Improved Ilyich, the Ritual, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Lich in the Docks, Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks, Improved Crypt King, Improved Nymphs, and the kits. Install these before SCS II.
  • The "Improved Maevar" component is incompatible with SCS II's "Smarter Arcane Spellcasters". Only install one of them.
  • The "Always Toughest Random Spawns" component is basically the same as the toughest setting of SCS II's "Increase difficulty of level-dependent monster groupings" component. I recommend that you use the latter, as it has the same overall effect but is coded in a way that will cause fewer problems for SCS II and other mods. (The Tactics version is known to cause some (harmless) warnings when installed with some components of SCS II.)
  • Improved Undead is probably not 100% compatible with SCS II. If you want to try it anyway, it will need to be installed after SCS II (it's the only component of Tactics for which this is true).
  • Tougher Druid Grove may or may not be compatible with SCS II's "Smarter Divine Spellcasters". Try at own risk.
  • Tougher Fire Giants appears to be compatible with SCS II's "Improved Fire Giant Temple". Install the Tactics version first, and you should find that fire giants get both the Tactics and the SCS II upgrades.


Ascension is fully compatible with SCS II. By default, Ascension enemies use their own scripts instead of SCS II scripts, although a number of components change this. (Note in particular that the Ascension "tougher Demogorgon" component is overridden by the "Improved Fiends" component of SCS II.

However, a number of reports suggest that SCS II is not compatible with "BP-Ascension", the version of Ascension that ships with the Big Picture. I recommend that you use the standard WEIDU version of Ascension (at www.weidu.org) with SCS II. (Users constructing a Big World Project mega-install should probably take advice from www.shsforums.net on the best strategy.)

Big Picture

My impression is that the latest version of Big Picture is largely incompatible with SCS II. I suggest installing one or the other.

Sword Coast Stratagems I

For the benefit of Baldur's Gate: Trilogy players, SCS and SCS II are designed to be fully compatible. Install SCS first, then SCS II. BGT players who want to use BG2-style spellcasting (sequencers, Remove Magic, Unholy Blight) right through the trilogy might want to experiment in not installing the SCS mage and priest AI, in which case the SCS II AI will apply to all spellcasters, even the BG ones. This is currently untested, though.

Deeper Shadows of Amn

Deeper Shadows of Amn is probably compatible with SCS II. Install SCS II second.

Improved Battles

Improved Battles compatibility with SCS II is unexplored. Good results are probably best obtained by installing SCS II last, but be warned that this may often overwrite Improved Battles AI with SCS II AI.

Improved Anvil

Realistically, Improved Anvil is almost completely incompatible with SCS II on technical grounds (quite aside from the major conceptual incompatibility!) Players who really, really want to try it could have a go at installing SCS II over the top of Improved Anvil (in which case, which one of SCS and IA takes precedence will be highly random) or vice versa (in which case, IA will almost always take precedence) but I don't recommend this and I doubt IA's author does either.