Totemic Cernd

Totemic Cernd is a minor modification to Baldur's Gate II that changes Cernd's druid kit from that of a Shapeshifter to a Totemic Druid. In the process, I also decided to increase Cernd's physical statistics somewhat to make him a reasonably attractive alternative to other clerics or druids, such as Jaheira or Anomen.

Fortunately for me, not one dialog in the entire game mentions the fact that Cernd is a Shapeshifter. So, no in-game dialogues had to be altered, which made this modification a relatively easy one in terms of the amount of files I had to edit.

Cernd's New Attributes:

  • STR: 16
  • DEX: 17
  • CON: 16
  • INT: 12
  • WIS: 18
  • CHR: 15

An increase of 14 attribute points is a large jump, but I believe it can be justified by looking at the attribute totals of the Shapeshifter Werewolf form, WEREWODR.CRE (89) and the Shapeshifter Greater Werewolf form, WEREGR01.CRE (105).