Keeping Yoshimo

In a nutshell, this mod

  • allows players to keep Yoshimo for the entire saga
  • adds dialogue re: Yoshi's betrayal of the PC (his spying b/c Irenicus' Geas)
  • adds an entirely new subplot for Yoshi with dialgoues and an encounter
  • adds a Tree of Life dialogue for Yoshi

This is what we have so far for alpha1. Mainly, at this stage what we're ready to test is the coding to keep him throughout the saga. We have quite a bit more content in the works, but right now want to get the most basic stuff in good working order.

For those who have always wanted to have this option I think you will not be disappointed. It really is great fun to keep him for the saga. When I first did this (via use of a variable and a game editor, prior to the creation of this mod) Yoshi reached level 38 and became a backstabbing juggernaut.