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  2. Is that something SCS already does for the spell or is that changed since SRR finishes installation for the secondary components after the SCS install?
  3. Thank you for the advice. Totally agree, don't like messing around with that which I do not fully understand the consequences of - hence why I had to ask you, . @morpheus562 You may certainly do that. I don't remember the flag off-hand that allows a spell to pierce improved invisibility, I'll have to look at SCS code real quick... DEFINE_PATCH_FUNCTION SPL_bypass_II STR_VAR arguments="" RET value BEGIN LPF fail_unless_boolean STR_VAR value="%arguments%" expression="" END PATCH_IF arguments
  4. @DavidW Small typo in stratagems\caster_shared\clericmage\ssl\easy.ssl on line 32: the timer specified says "east_antimagic" instead of "easy_antimagic". I did a mass search of all files in the stratagems folder via Notepad++ to see if any other kind of "east_" typo existed, and I did not see any - this was the lone occurrence.
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  6. Thanks for explaining, I think previously I have confused with the notes for npc mod content which may need a vanilla item to trigger a specific talk, I thought it means item randomizer may move mod items.
  7. Since you're adding 5e style casting, are you also adding 5e style Wizard specialization bonuses?
  8. @marcnivar From what I've heard of Item Randomizer, it only randomizes certain vanilla items. (Quest items and many/all mod-placed/mod-generated items aren't randomized.)
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  10. If instead of making this an .ini option, I could add it with my weidu script install for SRR specific scripts? That way, my scripts can be installed after SRR is completed and make the change if the player wants.
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    Sound in GemRB Retropie

    Sound is unmuted and game audio is 100%. Sounds works everywhere but BG1 and PST.
  12. TeamBG "BG1 NPC in BG2" mod (Author: Smiling Imp, additions - Austin) This mod adds the majority of NPCs from BG1 into BG2 SoA&ToB. They have new banters and interjections and a few of them have encounters and quests as well. The mod is broken down into different components, allowing for easy mixing and matching with other mods that may also add NPCs from BG1. Additionally, you will be able to visit a new city area, the luxurious Water Gardens, where all the rich and famous of Athkatla go to unwind. The mod is compatible with BG2, BG2: EE and EET. Version 12 contains a h
  13. You are most correct, and I am going to eat crow for going off of memory there. It is the STATS.ids file and not the SPLSTATE.ids file that I am referencing. My apologies for the confusion. I might have to give this a go on my end then to see what I can pull of in creating new stats, etc.
  14. Thankee for the update! I know you didn't mean it, but it looked like your animated GIF is disapprovingly waving his middle finger at me as an insult. LOL!
  15. Ah, it's a mistake of terminology. Detectable Spells has nothing to do with spellstates, the DS library was written before spellstates were invented in the EE engine. Spellstates only cover one byte, with 255 possible values, each assigned to a single spellstate. Each spellstate can thus be set, or not set. They have no numerical values. Detectable Spells uses various proficiencies, which can be set to different values. I would NOT mess with SR's Detectable Spells stuff, without the advice of someone knowledgeable like Mike or Ardanis or DavidW. I just glanced at the scripts thr
  16. Here are the spell states created by detectable spells, which I believe SCS brings with it's install and references: https://gibberlings3.github.io/Documentation/readmes/readme-detectable_spells.html
  17. Spell States are not binary, and Spell_Immunity goes from 0 (not active) up to 8 to represent each of the spell schools it blocks against. SCS checks these already, but 9 is not used. If memory serves, Mestil's Acid Sheath uses the same spell state as fire shield blue which is good. True Strike, Spell Shield, and Spell Deflection scripts also worked well. Mind Blank has its own spell state, so that works. I can't remember if Moment of Prescience had an issue, but would just need to verify the spell. Otherwise, the only other spell state needed would be for Mage Armor (and I can provi
  18. Spellstates are binary - they only have a value of 0 or 1. So I'm not sure what he meant by the 9. But as far as setting that spellstate: it could either be perfectly harmless, or it could slightly mess with SCS if SCS AI scripts detect and react to it. (Because, as we've said, the appropriate reaction to SI:Abj is different from the appropriate reaction to DS.) Honestly, I don't think it's worth changing things or setting spellstates in this mod for the sake of the tiny fraction of people who might use those player scripts. No offense intended! It's just a question of who should bear the
  19. 5E-style spellcasting, not 5E-style multiclassing. And it does not affect druid/sorcerers at all because oh wait I see what you're saying. Well, the short answer is, this is only 5E casting for arcane spells (so far!) cast by bards or the Arcanist kit (so far!) and does not affect druids (so far!). And n one of this affects sorcerers at all; they still use fully spontaneous casting of a limited amount of known spells. This system is a replacement for the way Vancian casters cast spells. (Now, there may or may not be a multiclass cleric/mage sitting in one of my test savegames, who uses th
  20. the current dat file has the numbers and names on different columns Making it more difficult to read I placed the numbers first and dashes to the proficiency clearing up the jaded columns. open with a text editor copy and paste these lines if you like this way. the finished effect shows that I lined up the ones, tens, hundred columns then all the letters in the same starting point. (it will show in DLTCEP correctly)
  21. @subtledoctor You'd know better than I - do you know if there'd be an issue in setting the Spell Immunity spellstate to the purportedly unused 9 state for @morpheus562's purposes?
  22. Sweet. I just finished major work on four of my mods. I'll take a look at this when I can. Should be pretty straightforward, unless I'm missing something.
  23. @subtledoctor What about adding a component to your UA mods that acts as the Tweaks Anthology tweak you mentioned so all the spell progression changes are within your mods?
  24. @subtledoctor How does this new 5e-style multiclassing work with multiclassed casters like a Druid/Sor?
  25. Ok @subtledoctor, here are the files and a Read Me that explains what goes where. I give everyone permission to use these files as desired. If you publish a mod which incorporates them, please give me a credit for posterity's sake. I went through the animations again and have made a few changes compared to the images I previously posted, in case you happen to be looking at them for a reference. I may clean up the images a bit in the future for people who are browsing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/teo2grmy373liuq/DavidNYC's Better Spell Protection Feedback v1.zip?dl=0
  26. Okay, I've made some major updates to the mod, mostly to the bard-related stuff. It is now at version 4.10. The code for the 5E-style casting system has been completely rewritten and turned into a series of portable functions, which can be used on a per-kit, per-class, or game-wide level. (More about that later.) This system is now much more robust for the MnG bards, with quicker installation, better compatibility, and better in-game reliability. You no longer need to "initialize" your bardic spellcasting in-game; instead you will see your spellcasting button go dark and then be reenabled
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