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  2. You mock my god status, you dead. First of all, the SoA is a lot "longer" game, and as such NPC makers tend to consentrait to SoA, then to BG1 in BGT, Tutu and BG1EE, and only then to ToB... so it takes a long time to get to ToB. And people, by the time they have reached the ToB, tend to utilize the squad they have picked along the way... so adding NPCs to ToB besides Sarevok, is a fools job. And people tend to have already told the story they had started with when they get to ToB.
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  4. Excellent work indeed! Must've been a pain to extract them from the original backgrounds ...
  5. Feel free to provide a better one. And as a side note: @bob_veng, can you upload a .zip file that contains the files(in the .bam format) ?
  6. Thanks. I'll think about it. After all, if you IR then throw inside other item packs, you are not going to enjoy the "sweet" balance these mods aim to achieve.
  7. I know I already asked in the past, but would it be possible to actually publish a improved abazigal content for mostly "story" reasons? I mean, the encounter with the yellow dragon is very well done, the way he acts is belonging to a dragon and I miss this piece of content whenever I don't install improved abazigal. On the other hand, I don't like very much the removal of the rope just to use it as a means to face 4 dragons with no loot in front of the Cave. All in all I think that the addition is not bad, but the current execution is pretty much lacking: - you are a demigod that just killed 3 dragons - There is another one that challenges you once again - It's not even clear to the player (or should I say charname?) what is the benefit these dragons are going to get if they kill you. After all, Abazigal didn't forsake actually enslaving dragons to do his own bidding I would find it more realistic if some dragons appeared to test you, even via dialogues and see if you are worth helping, especially if family was harmed by abazigal (you're telling me that the yellow dragon has no sons, parents and so on?). Everyone seems to be actually out for your blood while every bhaalspawn is actually truly harming people/dragons/populations Edgy note: please add both a map and notes on the corpse of the dragon holding the wardstone because my dream would be to go to her/his lair so I can go to her\his family and actually launch the scales on the cave and start taunting everyone inside and then killing all his brethren, then getting the eggs and summoning a demon to actually get good stuff out of these cute eggs? Pretty please? Pretty? PLEASE? PLEASE?
  8. Is there any particular reason crossmod content and banter mods seems to be so little in ToB? I think ToB should be the game that would benefit the most from such content, given how bad ToB is. But it seems that the urgency of the game makes all mod creators actually focus on SoA, rather than ToB.
  9. forgive me for intruding, but the current icon for banishment in SR is not as good as it could be.
  10. You piqued my curiosity, so I roamed around until I found this: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46580/download-berelinde-b-tweaks-full-mod#latest The above link may be what you want.
  11. Okay got it, thanks Mike1072. I think I may go with Subtledoctor solution..
  12. Okay I will. Thank you Mike1072. Last question: is there anywhere a readme containing the original version of a spell ?
  13. Hm. Okay, I got it to install correctly, but I'm not certain what did it, since it's in the same file path. : \ I looked at Vlad's pack, but I didn't see any romance mod options.
  14. What class is the hidden NPC? Thank you, sorry if asking this defeats the purpose of having them be hidden!
  15. I'm interested in going through every locked chest and door in every area, whether there are few or many in a given place, or none, and putting an item in the KEY field, for a universal opener. How do I do that? Every area is goint to have different offsets, and they may (I don't know) change with alterations to the area brought by mods and what not. Is there some way to go through Door1 if-it-exists, Container 1 if-it-exists and so on automatically?
  16. Oh my god @bob_veng those look amazing. Better than a lot of the vanilla icons. Great work.
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  18. Hello, I need up-to-date WeiDU prompts (v236 : @-1000 to @-1062) translated into Russian and Italian for an old mods updating project. Due to Russian special encoding, I would appreciate a .tra file encoded in such a way strrefs are displayed correctly in DOS window. Thanks in advance.
  19. True. Protection from Evil no longer has a specific demon-repelling ability. The chance of this being added to SR is extremely low. No, but IR does.
  20. The site linked above contains the actual spell descriptions used in-game in v4b17. This was provided because all the other references are out of date. If you notice any instances where a spell's description and behaviour don't match, please report that as a bug.
  21. Thank you subtledoctor.
  22. You might be able to use our Low Magic World to do something like that. It has a component designed to reduce the duration of spells, but you can edit the settings.ini file and nothing is stopping you from making it increase the durations instead. (There is a slight issue, the code doesn't distinguish between player-castable spells and monster/innate/system spells. So there is the occasional blip where something in the game goes longer or shorter than it should. I haven't got around to implementing limits on which spells are affected...)
  23. I'm fairly sure those components should not be installed on the EE games. Not 100% though. (The Dispel Magic Fix actually caused problems for me when I installed it on IWDEE a couple years ago. For whatever reason it caused trolls to become unkillable.)
  24. Or a EE game feature added after Level 1 NPCs mod was released to BG2 in 2007 .. 12 years ago.
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