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  2. do you still have weidu.log and saves made in this installation? If yes please upload them. Mods you've mentioned shouldn't break worldmap. If you mean that there is some inconstancy with in-game dialogue and areas placement on EET wordlmap it's something that can be fixed, but I will need a detailed description what exactly is wrong. vanilla joinable NPC retains their stats from BG1 and SoD portion of the game. If you got them killed and left dead on field they also won't show up in later campaigns (unless plot critical). Even without EET_Tweaks you could optionally kept some items (o
  3. @jastey Like this: https://github.com/gibberlings3/modhub#url-examples https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/Ascension&pkg=zip https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/Ascension&pkg=iemod
  4. There is more G3 staff than Mike1072. Having an outdated download on the forum's ite the mod is hosted is bad. How would I use the lynxlynx.info direct links? G3 download is updated for now to 2.0.17. Also, I updated thread title and added GitHub link to the first post of this thread.
  5. @Morgoth I guess it would be possible technical wise of course if putting in the work, but BG:EE is not just missing the SoD part, it's a different game than the BG1 ressources in SoD - there are ressources missing and functionalities are more limited etc.
  6. I'm no longer sure what my problem was here. Global("EndofBG1","GLOBAL",0) is perfectly fine for BG1-only content and could be seen as equivalent to !GlobalGT("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL",0). I'll come back to this in case I'll encounter a problem where PIDs for BG1-SoD get disabled or something.
  7. K4thos, can you add the possibility to install Eet even if you dont have sod?
  8. I have to disagree. All green "Protection From" scrolls can be used on any target; this is not a prerogative of the Protection From Magic Scroll (had it been, it would have been a clear nudge toward using it on enemy casters.) However, Protection From Magic is the only scroll that also prevents the target from using what it protects from—a very clearly deliberate design decision. Without this balancing act, the scroll would have been too powerful: a 2-hour long immunity to all spells at no drawbacks. Compare to the Potion of Magic Blocking, which only grants immunity up to 5th-level
  9. The option to install this component shows up ONLY ONCE per installation (the first time you run EET_end). The reason for this is that you can uninstall/re-install EET_end many times, but saves patching is not something that you should repeat (until next installation). Doing so by mistake could lead to serious problems. And since it's risky process (there are no backup) As for the FILE_CONTAINS checks - they are added to override/EET.flag file the first time you run EET_end on the current installation (that's how installator detects it)
  10. Uninstalling EET_end is fine and should be safe (sans rare weidu uninstallation bugs, so always make a backup copy beforehand, regardless). In future to save yourself time in situations like this have the EET_end mod installed after SCS, not before. Yes, because anything involving dialogues (e.g. for the smithy) needs to be installed before EET_End. Among other things EET_end merges some NPC dialogue files so it's crucial for mods that append or reference original dialogue files to be installed before it. When it comes to "anything involving dialogues" part it'
  11. That was fast! Thank you so much for your work on this. Much appreciated. Thanks for the kind words!
  12. @K4thos thank you so much, I'm happy you found them useful! Since EET is now updated for v2.6.6, there is no longer a need for this hotfix and I think we can have the topic/thread closed!
  13. Release 13 solved installation problems on patch 2.6: #60 #61 complete German translation by by jaydee2k, Shai Hulud and Weigo: #62 updated French translation by Jazira33: 916df43 fixed bug with conversion of the BG:EE kitlist.2da PROFICIENCY column fixed small problems in macros resource conversion code fixed cpmvars Beregost_House08 name (duplicated entry instead of L1/L2 variant) fixed typo in transition script: #51 fixed continuity problem with SoD Minsc and Dynaheir: #55 remo
  14. @morpheus562 your changes have been merged, thanks once again! Thank you for support, work done on adding EET compatiblity to mods and updating compatibility list Done, thanks!
  15. this is good idea. I've included your changes already. Once the proofreaded translation is ready I will post small update to the current build (13.1), so no need to rush now.
  16. Okay, thanks I figured that probably wasn't the reason but the only thing left that I know how to do that I haven't is reinstall Windows and what if that doesn't work...
  17. Yesterday
  18. I'm with Ser Elryk and a few others. I'm much more interested in locations, quests, etc, than the rulesets. As I said before, I really just want to go stomp around in the Vale of Shadows, Dragon's Eye, and the Shattered Hand with my Bhaalspawn. Also.... WELCOME BACK K4THOS!!! We missed you, bud.
  19. Well, here the last version of my mod, I've modified lightly the Amulet of Mystra, now it provides Cleansing Aura and is for the spell casters - divine & arcane - only. Enjoy ! I'll play an IWDEE 2.6 session with it soon. Thank you for your help, Lava, and I hope that you'll succeed to create other mods of quality for the IE games in the future. And perhaps one day I'll encounter you in "flesh and bones", having known odd coincidences until now in my life. PS: do you work for the software industry? This could explain that… PPS: the BG2EE v2.6 French localization is horrible
  20. Got an answer from the proofreader, he already started working on it. He told me this should be done by this weekend, however, I don't want to make any promise. Is it ok for you to wait till then ?
  21. Okay, I made a zip file containing these 13 portraits formatted for both IWD2 and the EE engine. Here's a link. Is there any way this pack could be included in the portrait packs section here? Or is that only for people who are special? (I wish I was special)
  22. But that's not the idea that K4thos has, but a mod that does all this together in one mod, all coded by K4thos's own code. Well, as a leader. So it's complete different, similar like BGTutu and BGT were.
  23. oraclex


    oh wow K4thos back. ngl, didnt expect that. Open sourcing the project would be an awesome idea! joining forces with tipun also sounds like a win - win situation.
  24. Here's the thing: there's no reason those green protection scrolls should be able to target others. It would be one thing if they were only usable by wizards, so a wizard had to cast it on a fighter to protect the tank from magic. But fighters can use those scrolls! So... why not limit them to being self-targeted? Easy answer: because the developers who created the things intended just this sort of scenario. But in that case, there is nothing "clever" about using the scroll on an enemy. You are just... doing what the thing does. It's not clever, and it just makes it seem like the item is
  25. I hear ya. This pretty awesome but yet unreleased modding project should interest you, as it would allow you to play the game with the actual IWD2 engine instead of the BG2 one.
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