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  2. we got a patch in december. it broke fan module scripts. after the last patch broke area transitions. this is ridiculous the whole point of the ee was for it to be compatible with all the old modules. but they broke them by switching to a new format apparently and may have not even realized as only me and two people bring it up. and before you say " just play diamond" i can't it does not run well on my laptop so it's nwnee or bust.
  3. Know what pisses me off the most? Money, time and manpower were expend in that instead of, IDK, a patch that is more than an year late and that should fix a thing that is not important at all: moving your party through the map. Trent is a joke as a CEO.
  4. the remasters of daggerford and moonsea gave people hope that the dlc were gonna be great. the newest one just feels like a cash grab and should have been free. so unless it was made by Ossian Studios don't bother is what i'm getting at.
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  6. By keep waving around do you mean they move normally and are not held at all, or that they are held but their sprites would "twitch" occasionally? If it's the latter, you'll want to also hack their scripts and disable their AI, if you just want them to stay perfectly still. This is assuming that your hold effect is being applied correctly. "Character subtitles" refer to the VO texts for character responses when they are selected or ordered to move or attack. Texts shown above character sprites in the game don't count as "subtitles"; they are just texts forced to appear by scripts for narration purpose and they don't need to accompany any sounds. If you don't want the text to appear above the characters but still want to play the associated sound files, you can use DisplayString in combination with PlaySound. You'll need to know the name of the sound file assigned to that line. For example, PlaySound("GORIN02") will play the line "Run child, get out of here!" If you don't need the text at all, then you can skip DisplayString. In the case of Gorion, his cutscene lines are also assigned to his character sounds - for example, "Run child, get out of here!" is his UNHAPPY_BRREAKING_POINT sound, "Wait! There is something wrong. We are in an ambush. Prepare yourself!" is his BATTLE_CRY sound - so in his case you can also use VerbalConstant() action to play these audio files. For example, VerbalConstant(Myself,UNHAPPY_BREAKING_POINT) will make him play the line "Run child, get out of here!".
  7. I'd still like to suggest that the island quest for shandalars cloak is pointless on its it's own, puts the player in the right geographical area, and is extremely compatible with a time travel scenario. The only incompatibility is people bot not remembering you as the hero of ice wind dale, which to me is both extremely minor and explainable by the passage of time.
  8. thank you for your precious help, Jastey. Well, I haven’t planned the EE compatibility - BG2EE isn’t translated yet in French - , but if you know how to proceed, go ahead.
  9. Well, TBH the original design of this mod (on v0.8 and earlier - you can download and play that version!) didn't use PSPs. I didn't have any way to track a number like that that I deemed sufficiently user-friendly. (I've seen some Mana mods that use scripts and local variables, and you have to press a key or use an ability to see your current point total... I don't like that at all.) But there is an easy-to-see point total that is always visible on the main game screen: your hit points! So I conceived of psionic powers is being fueled by your health, and I created a pretty complicated system wherein the use of powers would reduce your *maximum* hit points by a set amount, and then it would slowly recover. This made for a mana-caster-type class with a natural limit on the use of powers: use too many and you would become alarmingly vunlerable. OTOH in particularly dire circumstances that might be worth it: if you knock yourself down to 3 hit points but your last bit of energy fuels an Ultrablast that neutralizes the dragon... that's dramatic and satisfying gameplay. The psionicist was a thief kit which generally played like a fairly weak thief, plinking away with a crossbow 2/3 of the time and only using psionics a few times in any given battle. Then, after various iterations of my spontaneous casting mods, I created my Mana Sorcerer kit, and realized I could use that system for PSPs. So now, this mod has two parallel systems. You have a (relatively small) set amount of PSPs, which do not regenerate until you sleep. In my current BG2 game my Psypher has 45 PSPs, and low-level psionic abilities cost 6 PSPs each use. If I played it like a caster, that amount of PSPs would only be good for 1-2 fights. And these are not strong abilities: Project Force is weaker than Magic Missile, Immobilize is weaker than Hold Person, Molecular Agitation is weaker than Flame Blade, Metabolic Acceleration is weaker than Haste, etc. The general designed usage of these abilities is the same as in 0.8: utility spells that can give you a slight edge. So my current concept is, rather than give you a ton of PSPs and play this like a limitless caster, give a small store of PSPs, but if you run out and are not in a position to rest for the night, you can then dip into the original health-based system for using powers - with all the attendant risks. This means that, overall, you have the ability to use abilities more than in 0.8; to offset this, I have increased the cost of using powers and decreased the rate at which your health regenerates. On an average day you don't want to be dipping into your health to use psionics; but if you've slogged all the way through Firkraag's dungeon and you're running on fumes but you really need to defeat Conster and finish the dungeon... you can.
  10. What's the point of having PSPs, then? An honest question, I'm not throwing rocks.
  11. At least the problem for BG1NPC doesn't apply to bgqe, so I have no clue why they wouldn't fire. (Maybe they were tired.. OK, stopping these kind of jokes now.)
  12. Maybe that is true for Khalid but I doubt that Jaheira is that kind of person. Tried second time also but then nobody said anything at all, maybe they were out of range. Strangely though, K&J were right next to my protagonist first time. Looked little through dialogue files, there is so many interjections, maybe it should be like that although I think that when I last played it last year everyone had something to say...
  13. I don't have a Tutu install to check whether the joined dlg files are correctly assigned, but they should. No idea why they didn't say anything. Maybe they didn't feel like it with Montaron and Xzar around.
  14. On that accursed TUTU of course, mod version 21, installed before BG1 NPC.
  15. Hm. What game were you on when you noticed?
  16. @jastey maybe it will be of some interest to you that I didn't get all interjections from your "Nashkel monster" component from BGQE. Montaron's and Xzar's lines fired and went straight to Imoen's but Khalid and Jaheira were silent. Wasn't sure if that was bug but finding this and seeing your question in Modding tutorials I figured you should know...
  17. Hi @DavidW, for BG1NPC I used the function in the following way: include the function definition in the ALWAYS block (inside "bg1npc_always.tpa"): INCLUDE "bg1npc/lib/lib_interject.tpa" INCLUDE "bg1npc/lib/alter_dlg.tpa" Then calling the function to compile the files with the multiple interjections "x#ict3.d" (function call in "bg1npc_phase2.tpa"): WITH_TRA "bg1npc\tra\english\x#ict3.tra" "bg1npc\tra\%LANGUAGE%\x#ict3.tra" BEGIN LAF compile_with_ict_handling STR_VAR dialog="bg1npc/Phase2/dlg/X#ICT3.D" END END When looking at the game files after installing the mod (component "Quest, Banters and Interjections"), there are some interjections missing in the game. For example, Branwen and Quayle's interjection into GAZIB.dlg (tested in BGT). This is what the I_C_T3 inside the "x#ict3.d" looks like: /* Great Gazib, the */ /* passback not required - trans action is CreateCreature() */ I_C_T3 ~%tutu_var%GAZIB~ 1 X#GAZIB1 == ~%BRANWEN_JOINED%~ IF ~InParty("branwen") InMyArea("branwen") !StateCheck("branwen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @699 == ~%QUAYLE_JOINED%~ IF ~InParty("quayle") InMyArea("quayle") !StateCheck("quayle",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @700 END Compiled using the function as described above, the GAZIB.dlg looks like this - no interjections are added to state 1: If I disable the function and compile the file directly, the GAZIB.dlg looks like this, now the interjections are added to state 1: Maybe I am using it wrong, but from what I see currently it seems the function removes interjections completely.
  18. @Greenhorn good find! I know why the interjection is not showing, I'm not sure how it happened, though.
  19. Thanks Greenhorn, I didn't know about that.
  20. @jastey a) yes, in that order, b) newest one I think, it should be v.3 @Arthas maybe this will help you https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28005-some-dialogues-not-triggering/?tab=comments#comment-244117
  21. By the way, I had the same issue with Gorion not being buried in any way. I was also told that if you don't select that option, something with Jaheira should happen. But I never saw any of these two things.
  22. Which version of Glam's Pack do you have?
  23. Is your install order bg1npc - Gavin - Glam's Pack?
  24. Yep, Branwen is silent both times I checked. Second talk, yes. I checked Gazib's dialogue after second performance, only Gavin and Dave ( from Glam's NPC pack ) have interjections.
  25. I'm not aware of any interjections being taken out. If there is one not showing it's probably a bug or dependent on some requirements you didn't meet in your current game (the latter probably less likely). This is what should happen for the Great Gazib: This is after the first, when talked to again. Did you talk to the Great Gazib a second time?
  26. Maybe, maybe not. It depends whether this was cut by mod's authors deliberately or by oversight. It would be a shame to lose more of those little interjections which additionally flesh out this and that character and bring more fun and life to the game. You are free to disagree of course.
  27. @Greenhorn I'm not sure - is this a bug report?
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