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  2. Their class will affect which level the creature casts spells at. A creature with a player-class will cast wizard/priest spells at their wizard/priest caster level, or level 1 if they lack it. A creature with a monster-class cast wizard/priest spells at their character/innate level (1st class level).
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  4. Ah! As far as I know, Ascension adds the possibility for Sarevok to unlock some of the sword's power in ToB (with the Chaos Sowrd). I don't know the upgraded sword's stats, though. The sword used by him in BG1 is an undroppable item, so it would have to be modified before it could be used in the game.
  5. Chaos sword. Not the chaos sword, but the +5 sword Sarevok is currently wearing. Op? True. But I find it even sillier that you get a toned down version in BG2, rather than the one he is wearing against you! I would then enjoy the sarevok sword as it is in bg, and then have it even "upgraded" by sarevok himself inside the pocket plane in ToB. A man can dream. Stronger armor and helm. So an option to have it restored to "the stronger" version in ToB by Sarevok would be possible
  6. Not really. Any active abilities like spells need a creature script to be used; and once the creature is controlled by a script, there’s nothing stopping the script from having a fighter cast spells or a cleric hide in shadows. Even passive abilities like an Archer’s to-hit bonus have to be specifically added to the creature. The only exception is if you install SCS. In that case creatures will actually get passive kit abilities applied, and in some cases might be scripted to use some active abilities. Likewise, with my feats mod some fighters and thieves will be coded to get the benefit of a few passive feats. (Not active abilities though - I don’t do scripting.) But in these cases the modder has specifically programmed enemies to get those abilities... the game engine doesn’t do it by itself. Thac0, AC, saves, and similar values are coded into the .CRE file... they are modified by stats and spell effects, but not by class or level.
  7. Thanks and nice to know. I hope Breagar will soon see the light of the day as a fully translated English npc
  8. If you mean the Chaos Sword from BGII, BGTTweaks inserst it into BG1 as Sarevok's loot (that's why I made the sword an own optional component). Also, @Lauriel's mod will make Sarevok drop it as far as I know. In Tantalus' "Sarevok Restoration" mod, he will come with a more powerful version of armor and helmet. I tuned it down for BG1.
  9. 1. Translation is being worked on, but not complete. 2. I guess so, but writing NPC crossmod banter is not on my priority list. It's not that I would not like to have them, but I'd really need to take the time, and if I did, there would be several other NPCs I'd write banters for, first.
  10. Just a clarification for this post: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30958-endless-bg1-a-mod-for-bgee-bgsod-bgt-and-eet/?do=findComment&comment=276801 When I talked about Sarevok unlocking the power of the chaos sword, I was referring if it was possible to make it so that sarevok armor and helm gets "upgraded" when you give it to him in Baldur's gate 2 ToB (exactly as the sword of chaos). Said that, I also asked about the real sarevok sword because I wouldn't mind a component with the "true" sarevok sword being dropped, even if it was in bg1. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  11. HEy Jastey, some questions: 1) is the translation complete? 2) Are you able to add new content for it? E.g crossmod Thanks for all the work.
  12. Imoen 4 Ever is now also compatible with Ascalon's Breagar! The above post is edited accordingly.
  13. Ascalon's Breagar NPC MOd updates to v9.0.0! -It is now fully compatible with Imoen 4 Ever (with a revised banter path plus one additional dialogue). -It is now compatible with any "Skip SoD" tweak in EET as it is included in Endless BG1 Mod (if Breagar was in group when facin Sarevok, he will turn up in BGII)Mod only installs the default portrait, alternative remove due to Copyright thoughts -The mod is now independent on the Worldmap mod, but still compatible independent on install order. -many bugfixes. Changes:
  14. Agreed, this forum is a little gem i found some years ago while starting to mod, and i 've never found better ! Love you folks
  15. thanks @subtledoctor I forgot to ask if the class has any impact on the abilities and/or the stats. If a demon is a thief, can it hide in shadows ? if a basilisks is a mage, can he cast spells ? does they gets the bonus effects from levels (thac0 from warriors does not progress like these of mages for example)
  16. Gotta agree with you. So glad I found this place.
  17. Thanks for the kind words! And I can only second the words of praise for G3 as a community - with active admins!
  18. At the simplest level, for reasons of inter-mod compatibility, I'm wondering if a spell could be coded to cast two subspells: SubspellA would be invoked when the main spell is cast by the protagonist, while SubspellB would be invoked when the main spell is cast by anyone else. Possible? Would it need (cold shiver) scripting? Would much prefer if there was a way to distinguish via opcode 318 or 326...
  19. Almost certainly not. Those components seem (from the description) to be tied to that mod's own 'custom familiar' option. I suppose "familiars for NPCs" could be compatible, but one mod might destructively change something needed for the other mod. I don't know how that mod works, so I can't really say. And even if it was made compatible, you would have NPC familiars that behave differently from Charname's familiar. (In fact it seems that is the case with MSfM itself...) Several parts of the TnB familiar mods - imbuing them with spells, and the way their hp bonus works - currently rely on there only being one familiar in the game. (That may change in the future, but I haven't figured out how to do it differently.) Basically there seem to be three different familiar-focused mods around these days: TnB's keeps familiars very close to the way the work in vanilla, with a few enhancements around the edges; MSfM is a bit further afield, introducing more race/class characteristics and some light XP-based progression; and WTP Familiars goes all the way and makes them almost full leveled party members. These are three different visions for how familiars work; it doesn't make sense to combine them. Choose the one that appeals to you.
  20. ... my appreciation for G3 and the community here. Time and time again, folks like Mike and Jastey have taken time out of there day to help me learn WeiDu and really understand its inner workings when I have asked for help All of you folks are truly a blessing on the gaming community as a whole.
  21. Many of the changes made with standard functions could be executed more efficiently if they were done using custom patching code, especially when performing multiple alterations together. However, doing it that way requires much more effort and is more error-prone, so I would only recommend it if performance becomes a concern, or if the standard functions cannot accomplish your goal. I found a couple of my posts with custom patches and some explanations that you can take a look at here and here.
  22. Stat bonuses apply to monster .CREs. (Well, STR and DEX at least. I dunno about CON, and the mental stats will have no effect.)
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    Gotcha! I think. Thanks @Mike1072!
  25. I'm the author and can try to explain. It creates an inlined file with contents: OUTER_SPRINT string @1234 Then, it INCLUDEs the inlined file, which executes that code. Its purpose is to fetch the text for either a TRA ref (@1234) or a strref (#1234). You must include the @ or # symbol as part of the ref variable. WeiDU does have built-in tools that deal with fetching only TRA refs (AT) and only strrefs (GET_STRREF). Here are examples of their usage. In these cases, the ref variable should contain just a number, no symbol. SPRINT string (AT ref) GET_STRREF ref string The home for my function (named FETCH_STRING) is here. There is a companion function named RESOLVE_REF in the same file, which is what Item Revisions actually uses. It behaves similarly, taking either a TRA ref or strref, but instead of returning the associated string, it returns the associated strref. In the case of a TRA reference, this involves adding the string to dialog.tlk. This would be more useful for a situation where the .tra file contains complicated entries that need to be preserved, like associated sound effects or male & female lines for the same reference. That extra information is normally lost when putting the string into a WeiDU variable.
  26. If you want your mod to be compatible with the vanilla games, you may want to consider using CD_STATE_NOTVALID since it will work in both EE and non EE editions.
  27. Yeah, I am inclined to bring this one to BG2 as part of my item pack instead. Single mage only is a big restriction, but still this is a very good item. Originally there was an even better one there, Namji's robe, which gave an even better AC and regeneration, and had less restrictions. ^^ Anyway, browsing my copy of Encyclopedia Magica for inspiration, I find an item called the "Rock Robe". No AC bonus, but it gives immunity to petrification and casts Stone Skin (well, actually Statue, but that is not in BG) and Stone to Flesh once a day. Not too powerful, but it could be fairly useful for BG1/SoD.
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