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  3. Something you could also consider doing if the mountain looks too large to climb is using bits and pieces you like the most in other things. Basically pull the classic GM move of just re-using encounters/story ideas that the players never saw in new content and claiming that was what you were always intending to do in the first place.
  4. You may have to CTRL+R the party members. I think Call Lightning can have a long duration and I recall a bug way back in the day where transitioning between areas could cause it to continue to fire off because of how it was coded. Possibly something to do with a script misfiring.
  5. Eh, the Mana Sorcerer was underwhelming, so I’m continuing with a Light Mystic Warrior. BUT, there’s a problem. I just finished the Umar Hills dungeon, and destroyed the Shade Lord. Toward the end of the fight, I got hit by some kind of Mass Call Lightning. All six party members got hit by lightning. A couple minutes later, as I was moving to the edge of the map to return to Imnesvale, it happened again. All six party members struck by lightning. Upon entering Imnesvale, it happened again. After talking to the mayor: again. Upon returning to the Athkatla city gates: again. Entering Waukeen’s Promenade: again. The Temple District: again. Every time I enter an outdoor area, I get hit by six lightning bolts. What gives???
  6. jastey

    Reporting some Bugs

    Not that I know of.
  7. Also, Abazigal's Drakes (DRAKE01 to DRAKE04.cre) have only 12HD and can be killed in one hit with no saving throw by a warrior using Greater Deathblow HLA; this seems odd because while they have 125hp each (a bit more than the maximum of12d8 exclusive of bonuses) they have a base THAC0 of -3, save vs death of 4 and save vs spells of 5, which no 12HD creature should have. I'd be inclined to compromise and make them 18HD, base THAC0 3, hp and saves untouched.
  8. I think thac0 penalty and slight spell failure chance. That’s nothing to do with the mod, it is bog-standard hard-coded vanilla behavior. Yes, some specialists get more benefit out of this, like Enchanters and Invokers. There aren’t many Abjuration, Illusion, or Divination spells that involve a saving throw. It’s just how the game is. I highly recommend Spell Revisions along with this. But note that SR should be installed before TnB.
  9. I noticed what seems like a bug with two of the new IWD spells added by SCS: Emotion, Hope Emotion, Courage Both spells are from the Enchantment/Charm school, but their spell scrolls are marked unusable by both Invokers and Conjurers. Unless I'm missing something, Enchantment/Charm spells should be available to Conjurers.
  10. I wish to advise moder that I have played through the Horde mod and have been keeping a record of the bugs here (starting June 6): http://baldursextendedworld.com/Vanilla_Forums/discussion/343/the-horde-mod/p1 I also thought I had an issue with Horde mod and dorn quests in BG2 (see here for reference: http://baldursextendedworld.com/Vanilla_Forums/discussion/995/dorns-first-quest-in-bg2-and-windspear-hills-becoming-a-paladin-possible-bug-clash-with-mods/p1 ) but I removed Horde mod to hope to fix issue and the issue persists and so it is not related - but as I now no longer have Horde mod there may be more bugs with horde mod beyond where I left off (before going to spellhold)
  11. Nephele voiceset added and updated Petsy to v4.01. nephele.tp2 audio.zip setup.tra
  12. @jastey Checking in with you if there was a publicly-released fix to the aforementioned bugs related to this mod.
  13. From the testing I have seen people do, the saving throw bonus for Protection from Evil does work. Chant, like you mentioned, is something the Fixpack likely addressed. I did not know about that particular psionic blast having a -4 penalty. That makes it like Symbol, Stun. Dangerous. Just as a thought exercise: Level 9 Holy Liberator with Protection from Evil/Helm of Balduran/Delver's Plate (innate spell with easily accessed equipment giving a total -5 to save vs. spells) against the Psionic Blast with -4 gives him a 25% chance to be stunned. Sure, not as desirable as the blanket immunity provided by Chaotic Commands, but better than everything except "shorty saving throws". Immunity to anything imposing a -4 save vs. spell penalty (such as Symbol, Stun) would happen at level 13 with a Ring of Gaxx added to that equipment. Alternatively, level 15 with an Aid or Chant spell would obtain the same immunity without the Ring of Gaxx. In my opinion, that is pretty strong. I got a good laugh at imagining demons spitting fireballs from their asses. I am open to further adjusting things. If the 3e SRD listed the Power Word and Symbol spells as mind-affecting compulsion spells, then the kit would be immune to those too.
  14. @DavidW i've played around with it some more and i think i might have figured out whats happening when the crash happens. It only seemed to be when i was fighting Duergars in Irenicus' dungeon (Im pretty sure its a BP component that replaces all the goblins in the dungeon with duergars, and there is another one that does something to 'improve' them). I tried starting in Candlekeep and casting spells and had no problems. Tried starting fights with Firebeard and then Thalantyr and died as expected both times. Plenty of spells cast, no crashes. So after starting a new BG2 game i tried a few different spells, inlcuding fireball, and no crash. Fought the summoned ogre mage who cast plenty of spells but killed him without any trouble and no crash. I then tried fighting Duergars without casting anything and just died (they are pretty tough and starting with sod all equipment is a bit of a challenge) , no crash though. I think i have narrowed it down to either the level 4 druid spell - Giant insect (SPPR431.SPL) or the Duergars or some weird interaction between the two. I have tried just casting the spell, which summons boring or bombardier bettlles, or a mixture. Casting the spell by itself doesnt cause a crash. Making the beetles fight each doesnt either. Or attacking them or getting them to atttack the party. And fighting the Duergars without summoning them doesnt seem to cause a crash, i just die. Casting mage summoning spells doesnt cause a crash either, between the PC and Imoen i could cast monster summoning I, III and IV, gibblerings, grey oozes and giant spiders. Again no crashes. I ran change-log on SPPR431 and got the following; Mods affecting SPPR431.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ 0 40 // IWD Divine Spell PackBeta 6 00001: ~JIMFIX/SETUP-JIMFIX.TP2~ 0 201 // Add spell school notifications to the combat logAll spells with a casting time greater than 1v2.5 00002: /* acted upon in an undefined manner */ ~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 1 // Generalized BiffingBiff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)v2.4 Is any of this any help? Do you want any more information? Thanks SPPR431.SPL
  15. But it can see your component, and you could suggest to apply a patch to SCS to the very same fiend-summon point... that must be difficult, like a line or say 20. You could even ask DavidW at which point he does this... ähh, but why bother.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Does SCS still use the Protection from Evil mechanics in a non-SR game, or is that out completely with/without SR regardless?
  18. No. SCS makes separate versions of the fiend-summons for enemy mages, who do not need ProEvil. Even if I add the ProEvil requirement for death knights, SCS will have no way if knowing the make the enemy-only version without that requirement. Then SCS casters will be torn apart by their own summons... which would be funny for a few seconds, but unsatisfying overall.
  19. Well, unfortunately with those mind flayers bullies nothing is easy. Did you know, for instance that ulitharid psionic blast have -4 penalty? And are you absolutely sure that protection from evil gives anything beyond - 2 to AC despite it's description? Same goes for Chant ( in the old engine at least ). I wish that someone confirm this like that fabulous supposed specialist mage ST bonus/penalty and learning chances for their spell schools. In any case if you think that fighting mind flayers without CC is voila and charging demons who spit fireballs from their asses followed by Power word stun isn't that big deal be my guest. As I said, your kit, your rules and I get your reasoning for your decision. Best of luck with this as good paladin kit is always a great thing. Edit: Chant was actually fixed by BG2 fixpack to give ST if I remember correctly.
  20. I'm missing Vynd in Amn. Even if no one posts here, there are definitely people out there caring for your work. I do care. Thanks for Vynd, and hopefully I will see him in Amn with me one day.
  21. Well, it is easy to lower those saving throws to the point of immunity. Level 9 Holy Liberator + innate Protection from Evil spell = 5. Throw in an Aid or Chant spell (4), Helm of Balduran (3), and Ring of Protection +2 (1) and voila, immunity to mind flayer stun. Accomplishing this rather easily at such a low level is significant, in my opinion. The Chaotic Commands immunity is both inspired by the rules and important for balancing the kit. Solo players would not care at all about it, because Paladins cannot cast it anyway. I know Power Word: Stun has no saving throw. However, in 2e it is a Conjuration spell and does not have an Enchantment/Charm spell partner like Power Word: Sleep does. I did give serious consideration to expanding the hold/sleep spell immunity to hold/sleep/stun spell immunity, but could not justify it on the grounds that the Power Word and Symbol spells did not become Enchantment/Charm school until 3.5e. I am aware of the saving throws being hardcoded. In this case, I need to find a way to implement the +2 vs. spell saving throw bonus, and I was intending to use the Monk as a guide. As an aside: I remember doing something related to the Champion of Torm on the shsforums, but I can take no credit for actually getting it done. Full credit goes to Jarno Mikkola for that undertaking.
  22. There's no possible way to do so that I can think of - it's an unfixable engine problem with the maze/imprisonment effect. So...you'd have to replace the spell with an entirely different effect - an unresistable Otilukes, perhaps? In the meanwhile, if you use IR/R, there are boots that make you immune to Maze and Imprisonment, though I'm blanking out on what/where they are. @pochesun Will check them both out and tag you when I get to it, but there have been cases of the EEs having wrong text before, so won't be surprised if that's the case again.
  23. I'm making an area from a copy of an existing place, whose graphics I edited a great deal. The area ends up looking scrambled in Near Infinity and in the game. Could this be because the original's WED file lists a wrong number of tile columns - 57 instead of 58 (I added a column to the area to beef it up on one side)? No matter how many times and in what manner I convert the PNG file for the area into TIS, whether in Beamdog's format or in the large original, the WED continues to claim that this overlay's width is 57. If the TIS is loaded in DLTCEP and the "Guess dimensions" button is used, the right number of columns appears along with the sizes, but saving the tileset doesn't fix this information in place. At least that's my guess about the scrambled representation. Any ideas?
  24. Any chance of making maze not gameending when playing solo?
  25. Your kit, your rules, I'm fine with it. However if I play it I would like to have some option to protect from psionic blast and stun effects as those saving throws bonuses are fickle thing to depend upon as you would realize if you play a little longer ( sure, reload saves all but that is not my style ). I didn't say that kit should be protected against all adverse effects but IMHO not able to utilize CC is big minus. It reminds me of Riskbreaker immunity to Barkskin. As for your faith in enhanced saving throws for paladins I suppose you are the author of Champion of Torm kit before famous Moongaze took care of it, which I played recently? Saving throws for paladins are hardcoded and one of that kit advantages is extra 3 points in all ST on top of two paladin already has. This is lost at first level up ( I suppose way to rectify this is to apply that custom spell which gives extra ST at every level up) so bear this in mind with this new paladin kit. Edit: Oh and Power word stun doesn't offer ST and effects are dependable on HP.
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