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  2. Thanks - this is a really helpful detailed run through. Will attend to shortly (may end up not being for a week or two for RL reasons.)
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  4. Hi, After some testing on oBG2, there are 1 major and some minor 'incompatibilities' between IWD spells components and some other mods. Major - With Infinity Animation installed : I have an error when installing, the component 1510 [divine spells] - (It seems to be linked to a resource not copied during the installation process) : '[./override/sppr613.spl] loaded, 3130 bytes override/sppr613.spl copied to weidu_external/backup/stratagems/1510/sppr613.spl, 3130 bytes Copied [sppr613.spl] to [override/sppr613.spl] Copying and patching 2 files ... ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [gisbomb.cre] not found in KEY file:' 1pp component 202 (spell tweaks) should be installed after divine spells component - if not, there are warnings for cause_light_wounds and Cause_Medium_Wounds installing arcane spells component with IR or IRR mod create a warning for wand10.itm (wand of summoning) : no added/altered effect In addition, I think that there are some "small inconsistencies" with the new invocations spells and some wrong animations : Level 1 : DW#MS1OA and DW#MS1OW have wrong animations (0xffffffff) leading to CTD Level 1 : goblins creatures use race =161, but in oBG2 this race does not exist (this is also true for Shadow creatures SS1GOB, SS2GOB...) Level 1 spell let you summons up to 6 creatures (as said in description) but in oBG2, you are limited to 5 summons Level 2 : Lizard man creatures use race =162, but in oBG2 this race does not exist (this is also true for Shadow creatures SS1liz, SS2LIZ...) Level 2 spell let you summons up to 6 creatures (as said in description) but in oBG2, you are limited to 5 summons Level 4 : OGREMASU has more hp (52) than a all Lv5 summon (45 and 50hp), is quite powerfull with its spells and is equiped with a magical weapon. it sems better than all Lv5 summons. should'nt it be a lv5 summons ? Level 4 : DW#MS4YU has a TACH0 of 11. this is better than nearly all summon (TACH0 is around 15 for Lv5, 13 for Lv6 and 11 for Lv7) Level 5 : MS5MINO has less hp (45) than all Lv4 summons (48 and 52hp), has a non-magical weapon. Minautor use race =171 but in oBG2 this race does not exist In addition class is set to fighter - 2; it is ususally OGRE - 125 - . this summon seems not as good as Lv4 summons. Level 6 : DW#MS6GT has more hp than all other summons (pv = 101), has regeneration and great statistics (st21, dex20, 3atk...) it seems more powerfull than all lv7 summons... MS6SALC weapon is "only" 1d6+2d4 (cold) (max=14) with 2apr and it hasn't the regular stats of a frost Salamander; in BG2 it is usually 5 attack/round and ST17. In addition race = 169, but in oBG2 it does not exist MS6SALF weapon is 2d8+1d de6 (fire) + 4 (max=26) with 2apr making it far better from the frost salamander (usually, frost salamander has 5 apr to compensate). In addition, and like frost salamander, it does not have its regular stats; in BG2 it is usually ST16, INT14 Level 7 : DW#MS7ET has a non-magical weapon making it kind of useless for a lv9 spell MS7UMBH : has not the usual stats for an umber hulk. usually it is 72hp, st 19, con 15, dex16, int 10, TACH0 11... Water elementals creatures class are set to: unknown - 219. It Should be no_class - 255 in oBG2 Anyway, thanks for this great mod.
  5. You can use BATTLE_CRY1, BATTLE_CRY2, etc. in a WRITE_LONG.
  6. Is there a way to use SAY to give a blank, no line, to a creature? Often I want to eliminate a verbal constant for a CRE file that I'm patching, and I can do that by doing WRITE_LONG 0x0 0, to set string 0 there, but looking up every offset for BATTLE_CRY1, BATTLE_CRY2 or RESPONSE_TO_INSULT3 is a bother.
  7. I was concerned the problem was with Dimension Gate. How should things be fixed so the mod is truly EET compatible?
  8. Which field in the CRE file controls points for halberds?
  9. Feedback: On GOG, it was one user lamenting Linux installs, and another user bizarrely pushing back on WeiDU itself. Steam and BD postings were received positively, but no comments. Reddit got a lot of upvotes and generated the most comments but most were essentially 'thanks' and a small discussion of EEMS. (Though if a macOS player could help out this guy, I'd appreciate it.) Outside of here, no one has mentioned that finding mods is an issue. I miss the PPG Modlist and (behind the scenes)have been exploring possibilities of reviving such a tool over the past few months. While I am fully behind the idea, Github is a bad platform for it. A different community project was forked and updated with unauthorized mods, and I'd rather not repeat the experience.
  10. @Hubal I split your general install order questions to here.
  11. Does it: 1) Choose which strongholds will be available to the player, and then let you choose one of those? 2) Choose which strongholds will be available to the player, and then let you play all of the ones you choose?
  12. All of the files from conversion are required. Ship them along with the mod. Those infamous horizontal lines appear, if I'm not mistaken, when you convert a PNG that is not 256 colors. At least I converted a 256-color PNG to a "legacy" TIS just now, and it looks normal.
  13. In ...\stratagems\priest\spellchoices_defensive\demivrgvs\druid.tph Line 41 a bracket is missing. PUSH_RANDOM spells (DEFENSIVE_HARMONY null should be PUSH_RANDOM spells (DEFENSIVE_HARMONY null) This fixed it for me.
  14. We can agree that the IWD situation is super annoying - and I actually did put up an “agree” on one of your post on that topic back in the days (when the posts existed that is). I have asked about the time frame a couple of times, but they sure are tight lipped… The file handling hooks will be a major issue if not fixed. Luke and I will probably be one of the first asked to do the Beta testing, and I have vowed to file “lack of access to the files” as a bug - and I believe Luke will do the same. My hope is that the devs will look towards NWN for a solution. The NWN iOS version has more or less free access to the files, so they can be modded in the old fashion manor (no jailbreak). So I am expecting the same treatment for the IE engine games - and will consider less manageable solutions as buggy.
  15. Okay, I can reproduce this. It is actually the source of what I thought was a frustrating bug in Faiths & Powers. And boy, is it frustrating. I don't understand what is happening at an engine level here... I guess the game sees you have no memorization slots, so it doesn't add any spells? Is that how the base game handles only giving you spells that you can actually cast? I suppose that makes some sense... but I don't know what to do about it. The entire premise underlying this mod's mechanics is that your memorization slots must be disabled unless and until you use the 'Prepare Spells' ability (at which time you get your memorization slots, but your casting slots are disabled). Only thing I can think to do is create abilities that grant you all of the relevant priest spells, just like the sphere system does but without a sphere system. It wouldn't be that hard, and it shouldn't otherwise disturb the base game mechanics... I have to think about it.
  16. Sorry, I believe I fixed it with the latest repo, but I don't have time to test it right now. It looked like it was simply a matter of a missing "BEGIN" that I didn't add when moving around some stuff.
  17. In combination with SRR, the installation of SCS 34.3 gives errors for druid.tph (there is no error without SRR) Relevant console output: //Including file(s) spellchoices_defensive/demivrgvs/druid.tph //Copying and patching 1 file ... //In state 560, I expected one of these tokens: // [2] ~~ // [20] ID_OF_LABEL // [25] DIRECTORY_EXISTS // [26] IDS_OF_SYMBOL // [28] STRING_LENGTH // [39] SLONG_AT // [43] SBYTE_AT // [44] RINDEX // [53] BUFFER_LENGTH // [60] BNOT // [66] FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME // [110] GAME_INCLUDES // [130] VALID_SCRIPT_TRIGGERS // [137] ENGINE_IS // [146] SHORT_AT // [152] INDEX_BUFFER // [167] RESOLVE_STR_REF // [168] FILE_EXISTS // [171] NEXT_STRREF // [178] BYTE_AT // [182] LONG_AT // [194] GAME_IS // [205] VALID_SCRIPT_ACTIONS // [208] RANDOM // [217] FILE_CONTAINS_EVALUATED // [235] FILE_MD5 // [251] ANY // [273] RESOURCE_CONTAINS // [275] FILE_SIZE // [282] LPAREN // [284] DEFAULT // [302] SIZE_OF_FILE // [306] BIFF_IS_COMPRESSED // [309] TRA_ENTRY_EXISTS // [319] FILE_CONTAINS // [323] RINDEX_BUFFER // [327] INDEX // [338] VARIABLE_IS_SET // [353] SSHORT_AT // [357] STATE_WHICH_SAYS // [360] FILE_IS_IN_COMPRESSED_BIF // [371] NOT // [377] INSTALL_ORDER // [388] DOLLARS // [394] IS_AN_INT // [398] MOD_IS_INSTALLED // [409] EVALUATE_BUFFER // [425] IS_SILENT // [428] ABS //Parse error (state 560) at END //[weidu_external/workspace/spellchoices_defensive/demivrgvs/druid.tph] PARSE ERROR at line 59 column 1-9 //Near Text: END // GLR parse error //[weidu_external/workspace/spellchoices_defensive/demivrgvs/druid.tph] ERROR at line 59 column 1-9 //Near Text: END // Parsing.Parse_error //ERROR: parsing [weidu_external/workspace/spellchoices_defensive/demivrgvs/druid.tph]: Parsing.Parse_error //Stopping installation because of error.
  18. Google Docs? Like, host it on some poor soul's Google account? That is bonkers. No idea what "Notion" is. Why is anything other than Github under consideration? EDIT [reads below] Ah yes. Okay. Still, somebody's Google account?
  19. So ridiculous. Beamdog's entire PR strategy stems from a condition of abject terror. They have no confidence that they will actually get these updates done. What an amateur outfit. Like, "is your iOS app going to work on iPads?" is not asking for trade secrets. They do not need to freeze up and scream "no comment" in response to that question. They have this obsession with doing massive, rare updates. LIke you used to be able to mod IWDEE on iOS. You just zip your override folder, rename the extension from ".zip" to ".iwdoverride" and then ship the file over to the iDevice. Boom, modded game. But in the 2.5 update Beamdog somehow turned off that OS file-extension-handling hook. So now you can't mod IWDEE. The fix is the easiest thing in the world - they don't have to change the app at all, just ship the same v2.5 app with fixed OS-level file-handling hooks. But instead they say they must wait until the 2.6 patch drops. So it's a 2-year wait, and the patch itself is so massive that it will inevitably create whole new bugs, which will take two years to patch out. And now they are close to finally doing it, and they can't even tell people what hardware it will run on. I mean, it's not a huge range of hardware to worry about, it's Apple's walled garden, it is a very limited range. And after all that, if and when this patch finally drops (looking like the 2 year wait is going to turn into a 3 year wait), I bet you they forget to fix the file-handling hooks. You just wait and see.
  20. I'm afraid the logic is a bit less dazzling than you give me credit for - every contribution automatically creates a pull request, and the contributor has the option to keep their fork of the list they create when editing it even after it is merged. Needless to say, the more actual collaborators are working on any single version of the list, the better it will be, as discussed (in no small part due to checking the biases or errors of any one person). You also still seem to misunderstand the goal of the endeavor - certainly, there are plenty past and future lists in each community, the goal is to create a single always up-to-date and factual one maintained collectively to aid the creation of any other specialised ones by any individual (as I know you read, I only ever referred to Cahir's list as "excellent", and any "buried" lists are by definition not being linked to or used as we speak). How realistic this is is entirely up to the current state and desire of the community - all I can do is lay the groundwork and eliminate any possible obstacles. Thanks, just doing the due diligence to minimise any future edits. "Alweth's Easy Portrait Grabber Tool" had some dead and outdated links, I fixed em if you want to port them back into your list. Welp, done with my two letters. As a reminder, tomorrow is the last day for platform choice. Sent you a collab invite to the current repo, @Jazira. Everyone is welcome to peruse and comment on the added Read Me and template and request invites or start contributing. As a bit of a tip for formatting mods to the template, don't try to brute force your way with regex, probably better off writing a quick scraper/mapper. Or hey, maybe your regex skills are greater than mine. Of course, doing it manually is also a fine choice - there aren't really any time limits on this. Having BWS open alongside didn't provide as much help as I'd hoped, but probably still a good idea. Any advice on pitching this thing to other places is welcome. As a recap, here are some possible approaches tried: compare to other games' modding communities and tools, compare to other crowdsourced documentation efforts, compare to not doing anything while waiting for someone to do everything. I am loathe to use the safety in numbers of a collaborative list as an argument, much less name some people by name for fear of it seeming like blackmail or salting some fresh wounds. Of course, there is no particular reason for me personally to pitch it - this is by anyone, for everyone type of affair, so anyone who thinks they are more in tune with the current discourse are welcome to share it where and how they wish. Still waiting to hear back from @CamDawg how the actual new player response was to his guide - this type of list would most immediately and obviously be useful to someone who doesn't have their previous install logs/bookmarks to fall back on (and doesn't necessarily know what every mod does by its name).
  21. You can just use GET_OFFSET_ARRAY. (ITM_V10_GEN_EFFECTS, iirc).
  22. it seems to be done in .d files. Only _!mg1.dlg and _!mg2.dlg show error _!ACHLP.D _!DTRDR.D _!MG1.D _!MG2.D _!OLDWMN.D _!PRirn1.D _!DTRDR.dlg _!MG1.dlg _!MG2.dlg _!OLDWMN.dlg _!PRIRN1.dlg _!ACHLP.dlg
  23. Well... modder drama gets old real quick... and what I suggested could be a way to bypass kneejerk reactions. It could backfire on me as well, but I have no reputation points around here to worry about, so... Obviously I'd credit temnix, that's why I wouldn't use my own prefix. It would be clear from the community list who wrote the mod. Anyway I didn't ask temnix if he liked the idea, only if he'd allow me to do it.
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