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  2. DavidW

    Error Installing Smarter Mages

    It is the right place. Will chase. (If you want to work around it yourself, using the SCS versions of IWD spells rather than IWDification will probably fix it.)
  3. Angel

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    > 3. Merchants will buy and sell wands, their charges will be retained (I don't know if this is even possible). Wand prices affected by number of charges.  This is possible with ToBEx, bit 14 of the flags field at 0x0010 in a .sto file determines whether or not the merchant will recharge wands. However, I am not sure if this feature was carried over to the EE games. I suppose I can test it if anyone's interested.
  4. Hey, Not sure if this is the right place but I get an ERROR Not found when installing smarter mages at the 'determining spells for CBISSON02' stage. The debug file is hosted here, it's too big to attach. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4gxaxlp4y1wclo/Setup-stratagems.debug?dl=0
  5. jastey

    New engine

    @Mike1072 Thank you for the info.
  6. Skull Bearer

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    For people soloing BGEE with a lot of mods- we can quite easily get to HLA, which crashes the game since that isn't available in BGEE. It would be great to get HLA for BGEE, or at least be able to enable the Delay High Level Abilities function of the mod for BGEE.
  7. Relay

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    My Asylum inmate buddies are getting generic mage scrips, and therefore not reacting to irenicus correctly. Only Tiax reacts and even that Is just his race script I believe.
  8. subtledoctor

    Version confusion

    Well, sure renaming things matters. There are functional gameplay differences: SR's invisibility detection effectively nerfs SI:Div; and SI:Abj is changed to Dispelling Screen; and I think SI:Nec is priest-only in SR; and several of the others (SI:Conj, SI:Ill, etc.) are not available to the player at all.* Insofar as there are no longer eight perfectly balances "protect me form an entire spell school" spells in the game, it is a nice thing to rename what is left and make the experience of using them more immersive and pleasant. * I'm fairly sure that SCS scripts only use a few of the SI spells... maybe you can confirm which ones are used? I think Demi was guided by SCS here, keeping and renaming the SI spells that SCS uses, and discarding the other ones. If done right then it would result in greater, not lesser, parity between the player and AI enemies. It actually creates a bit of a weird situation, though, because "See Invisible" (opcode 93) lets you see and target enemies who are protected by 4th-level Improved Invisibility or 5th-level Shadow Door, but it does not let you see and target enemies protected by 2nd-level plain Invisibility. Seems to me that latter should be weaker! Tome & Blood addresses this by cannibalizing Sanctuary. With it installed, See Invisible/True Sight let you see and target any invisible enemy, regardless whether their invisibility is 'normal' or 'improved,' and regardless whether they have committed an aggressive action and made themselves partially visible. (It also eliminates that horrendous blobular Sanctuary overlay... coding that change has turned out to be finicky, though.)
  9. I think I recall I enabled that setting once upon a time, and was annoyed with characters clogging up the text log when you entered areas - if I'm recalling my vague memories correctly. I'm usually all for including everything in the combat log, but for this one type of situation, it'd be pretty rad if in this one situation they could do it "silently" instead. I'd definitely start enabling it then.
  10. Bartimaeus

    IR Revised V1.2.3 (2018 November 23rd)

    That makes a sort of sense, but then I'd be tempted to also change it for throwing axes and hammers and maybe darts, because the mechanisms of those types of missiles are not really the same as an arrow or a bolt either (and for that matter, I'm sure someone could make an argument that there can be a bit of a difference between a crossbow and a bow, too - in my mind, crossbows are the most like a gun, being used for mostly point-and-shoot straight-shooting, and fit what a "missile" type of damage should be, while bows are a little more flexible in terms of using gravity and parabolic arcs to rain death from above...though that type of arrow shooting isn't particularly relevant to Baldur's Gate gameplay). And while you could start doing that, I think I'd prefer to just let the original design stay the original design, as I'm not into making an arbitrary choices about what constitutes as "missile damage" and what doesn't. I feel things are "missile damage" just because they're a missile - simply a distinction between melee and ranged weapons. And if a bullet, or throwing axe et. al. is not missile damage, do you prevent Protection from Missiles from protecting against them? I don't want to have to think about this more than what the original devs probably did, . (e): words
  11. Bartimaeus

    Some Concerns About V4

    Yep, almost all even semi-modern ones as far as I'm aware. There may be (and probably are) exceptions that I'm unaware of, though.
  12. I figured it was something like that. I'm pretty sure I would use it if it was available, although it's hard to know for certain without seeing the implementation - since it's disabled by default I'm assuming there were at least some issues that people didn't like about it? In any case, consider me interested in having it back if you still think it would be a good fit for SCS. As an aside, I'm really enjoying v32 so far - thanks kindly for all the work you've put in.
  13. I think at this point I'm about ready to do an "official" v32 release - we seem to have run out of gamebreaking bugs and by now I think v32RC8 is probably more stable than v31. So: - speak now if you still have things that you need fixing (don't repeat things already listed, I'm already aware of them and looking into them). - if you disagree about stability, say. (I can perfectly well iterate for a bit longer - but I don't want to get into the too-common situation where the de facto 'official' release is labelled as a release candidate or beta.)
  14. It's not supported anymore (major under-the-hood changes in the way buffing is done). Do you want it back? I'm not going to do it for v32 (too much risk of introducing new bugs) but I can pencil it in for v33 if there's demand.
  15. DavidW

    Bug report

  16. Reposting the question as I should have used this thread rather than the one on prebuffing: Is the following option still supported? Changing this setting in the console doesn't seem to affect prebuff behavior as far as I can tell, and the only reference I can find to the variable lives in gohostile.ssl. As far as I can tell from a quick look at some of the generated scripts, DMWWNeutralPrebuff prevents prebuffing when set to 0 via a NoAction call, but even when the script is allowed to continue with DMWWNeutralPrebuff set to 1, the prebuffing still doesn't occur since it looks like the various prebuff blocks include additional checks that prevent it. As an example, with DMWWNeutralPrebuff set to 1, I was able to get firebead to spam cast his stoneskin prebuff by removing the line that checked for a nearby enemy from that particular block (sorry, I don't have access to the files in front of me). BGEE+SOD (Steam) SCS 32 r8 commit: 6700e5040f6a3793077e718e975e95412f683d46
  17. That depends what does the creating. If something other than the mod itself creates it, it's probably fine. (I suppose if you're being purist then it would be better for all config files, user and otherwise, to be outside the folder, so that you can have different configs on different installs, but at this point it doesn't really matter.)
  18. Can't reproduce. Shout and Great Shout exist on my install, both as spells and as scrolls.
  19. OK, so it looks as if the code that autoconverted the old .tra files into the new format (i.e. one file per component) didn't keep the spaces. I don't want to risk rerunning that code at this point - too many possibilities for bugs. I've manually fixed this in English; I'll have to leave it to translators to do the other ones. (I don't want to mess with non-English-language TRA files because I can't check that I haven't broken anything.)
  20. I don't know if it helps but renaming the spell to 7 characters fixes the issue.
  21. Rhaella

    My impressions after a full playthrough

    Thank you for your comments! You're right that the Planar Sphere is a perfect place for some sort of scenery dialogue--I'll need to add that in for the next version. Your first point is a bit trickier. Though you know, what with that throwaway line about Krynnspace, I was originally planning on an actual quest revolving around the spelljamming drow and an escaped Silvanesti wizard so that Evandra could get access to that planar shift spell. I dropped it because, like you said, it did feel contrived for Dragonlance characters to start showing up everywhere, but that is definitely something I could add back in easily enough. (Of course, a less contrived alternative would just be to utilize the Solamnic Knights more, which is something I've been considering as well.)
  22. rossbach451

    Bug and Typo Reports

    WeiDU.log I put DBG on after my failure with Evandra.
  23. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Post your weidu.log?
  24. rossbach451

    Bug and Typo Reports

  25. Rhaella

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Well, we can always get around the problem manually. If you open up the mod folder, you'll find a subfolder called "scripts" instead. You can drop the file I've attached inside there and it will overwrite the file that's causing you trouble. bgee.baf
  26. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 46 column 1-37 Near Text: ) [ChangeStat] not found in ACTION.IDS [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf] ERROR at line 46 column 1-37 Near Text: ) Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. You're still getting the same error? Are you sure you're playing on v2.5?
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