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  2. Who knows significantly more about this? @Caedwyr? @bob_veng? @Gwendolyne? @temnix?
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  4. Whoops. I guess it was the wrong spot to post this. My apologies, I'm still new to this.
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    Can't install the mod

    Hi, I was trying to install the beta and keep getting the following error message. I use BG EET and I tried to install Aran on top of that. Help would very much appreciated. [C:\BGEE\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\setup-aranw.exe] WeiDU version 24600 Using Language [English] Using .\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk Would you like to display the readme? [Y]es [N]o n Would you like to display the components from [Customize Aran Whitehand]? [Y]es, [N]o? n Install Component [Install Aran Whitehand for SoA and ToB]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i Inst
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  7. Hi. Can anyone tell me what to do about this error. I am not a modder and don't know code in the least, but usually if it's an easy fix I can go in and make the fix without having to reinstall everything. The rest of SCS is installing fine - it's just this place where it is happening. I prefer the AI enhancements be in my game if possible. Can anyone give me some adult supervision on what to do here? Thanks!
  8. @subtledoctorI wanted to call out for the Arcanist in BGEE, that I am able to memorize identify scrolls and cast them as well (they are not restricted as noted in the kit description).
  9. Lol, I almost certainly don't know more about it. I'm happy to look and see, but I have a lot of trouble dealing with animations myself.
  10. Hi, I'm pleased to see the table might be useful ! However, I didn't write some of this mod's item names because I used the recipe file, and not the "new items" one. I will make a new post with the "full" table after your next update, to avoid confusion, and to kill two birds in one stone. Can't wait to see it !
  11. The answer is everything. But that doesn't tell all of it. And depending on the prespective you have, you might want to form the mountain your way. So the question I have is; why do you ask ? Are you making an NPC ? Does it matter what stats it has... to me, no. Why you ask, cause I can cheat.
  12. While not as nice as the table Saph made, I did include a list of the recipes in the spoilers section of the readme: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SoD-to-BG2EE-Item-Upgrade/blob/master/SPOILER-RECIPES.md
  13. Hmm. I may be finding a pattern. I had an empty spot in a container in Merella's cabin now too, empty description screen if I right click on the space, no tooltip this time. The other item in the container? Acid arrows.
  14. Just had it happen again in one of the chests in the harper hold. If I mouse over the empty slot in the chest, it tooltip's as "Invalid: 999999" Looking at a guide, it looks like there normally is a bloodstone ring and 40 acid arrows in the chest. I looted the arrows, I guess the bloodstone ring was the bugged part? Now I'm wondering if there's an issue with my install or something; neither SCS nor tweak pack would mess with a random jewelry loot, right?
  15. you've already defined a case where relatively low scores matter - inability to cast higher level spells, and concluded that having high scores is better so i don't really understand the question is the question: how much does it matter that something is better?
  16. Have had a couple odd things happen with SCS and some tweak pack options enabled in a BG2:EE play the last couple days. Keldorn's armor's free action seemed to be ineffective against an otyugh. He lost the free action icon, was moving slowly, was taking poison damage, but I kept getting a message that a spell wasn't effective every tick too even though he was definitely slowed. Also, when he walked over top of he otyugh corpse while taking poison damage, I'd get messages about the otyugh's fire shield (blue) every time poison hit Keldorn. Also, and I'm not positive if this is an SCS
  17. Impossible without engine hacks, I *think*. (If there’s an ingame way to edit travel times, I don’t know it, though it’s not something I’ve looked for extensively.) If you’re set on this strategy, I agree with Lynx: do a technical proof-of-concept before worrying about fine details.
  18. Last week
  19. @DavidW I also considered the 'warp via dialog' situation, but vastly preferred what I proposed as it seemed like a more elegant solution. In terms of scope, how easily implemented is my solution of changing the map travel times to 0, avoiding all encounters, 'fast traveling' to the location, then returning things to normal post-warp? Plot-wise, I assumed chapters 4 and 5 had ample justification to prevent warping. Spellhold Isle probably has some sort of 'anti warp field' to prevent stray mages from jumping in and out. Chapter 5 is in the Underdark where long-range teleportation effec
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    installation error

    Which version of Ascension works with BG 2 EE 1.3?
  21. Thank you Subtledoctor for the great mod! I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put in to make such a wonderful addition to the Baldur's Gate trilogy! I loaded the newest version and gave myself XP. Looks perfect now! It will be awhile before I am in BG2EE (I don't use EET) so looking forward to the level 8 & 9 memorize slot fix.
  22. @Saphael & @Daeros_Trollkiller May we get the table of recipes for this mod officially added as in the mod's documentation, perhaps as a spoiler?
  23. Today, Austin released an EET-compatible version of Saradas Magic II. I messaged GwendolyneFreddy about updating the SHS version.
  24. @Angel I talked with @Grammarsalad (author of B_Spells) about this and he likely knows more about color changing. Talk with him about spell recoloring.
  25. I'm sorry, but no. This is mostly about the icons in the spell lists of the readme. I did try to recolor the spell, but I couldn't figure it out, sorry. I really don't understand bam/vvc/pro interaction very well, and there is precious little documentation on it. In general, my mod plays very well with SCS in my own tests. SCS concentrates mostly on AI enhancements while I do very little with AI scripts. I wrote them in such a way that they can actually be installed in any order, so for those concerned it is possible to install the alpha after SCS in case you have to remove (parts
  26. Some suggestions for and questions about the new alpha compatibility, mostly with SCS. - Graveyard Catacombs: does it play well with SCS improved Bodhi? A suggestion: independently of compatibility concerns, separate the catacomb encounters from Bodhi. - Firkraag: how does the beef up of Firkraag play with SCS dragon enhancements? We will face something like a super Firkraag? - Underdark: SCS touches and beefs up the Illithid Lair, including adding no-rest at hardcore level, as well as the numbers in the Beholder hive. - SCS already revises several creatures on your list: s
  27. I added the EET compatibility to this mod (adapted the chapter variables and added the EET_TRANSITION function). Also, the mod is completely tra-ified, the file structure is put in order (now everything is not in one folder, but is divided into subfolders), iconv is added. Link Please update it officially, if possible!
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