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  2. What flags? Anyway, what I'm interested in is whether that field can take a token. And work. Do you want to try it? Put there one of the existing ones, like <GABBER>, then have someone run a script that does SetGabber(Player1) and have Player1 open the container. I could try it myself, but you seem already set up.
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  4. Replace functionally identical unique items with the generic counteparts Often I get excited when I browse my inventory and I see an item with a unique name. But after reading its stats, it's just a different name for an existing item. It is still a useful item but it clutters up my bag of holding when it could have been grouped together with the generic item if it had the same name. And the generic items are much informative because you already know what it does based on the name. (A short sword +2 has +2 enchantment and has 2 more damage and Thac0 and 2 pips faster than a normal short sword. No need to open up and read the description) Examples below: Rashad's Talon = Scimitar +2 Heart of the Golem = Dagger +2 Battle Axe of Mauletar = Battle Axe +2 The Whistling Sword = Short Sword +2 Protector of the Second = Leather Armor +2 Some special cases: Dagger of CHARNAME = Dagger +1 - This item is in the dialog and it doesn't sound special if the apprentices just make you a dagger +1 Bow of Arvoreen = Short Bow +2 - The only thing special with this is it's a free Short Bow +2 for Mazzy. By the time you found Mazzy, you would have found a better bow anyway, like Tuigan Bow, or have enough gold to buy the Short Bow +2 from Ribald.
  5. I am very sorry, I saw your requests also at BeamDog's but I don't know the answer and don't have time to dig through mod files currently.
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  7. There is a trigger GlobalsEqual and GlobalGT and GlobalsLT, but is it possible to find out when one global is higher than another by an exact number?
  8. Can anyone help me with vial of viel extract, xzar and underceller problem?
  9. Adding some new thoughts here: Removing thac0 and damages bonuses from ammo, can render regular +1/2/3 ones mostly useless, however we can add other effects to “justify” their enchantment level, e.g. keen, elemental burst, sundering, weakening, etc. This could offer ranged builds more choices between damage output, debugging, and crowd control.
  10. I have, by ensuring I had valid owner names, having said owner standing nearby, using flags. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted on the subject. Feel free to test it yourself.
  11. I've gone through looting containers too, haven't we all, but has anyone tried to make that function work?
  12. (1) Some of that looks like buffing happening when the player is out of sight for some reason; bug, will chase. (2) Shapeshifting even if that component isn't installed is a known issue. (3) SCS doesn't modify the casting time of Ironskins, but for the same reason, enemies shouldn't be casting it at that speed (repeat of (1) I think) (4) Amarande isn't a bug; that's how much XP he's worth in vanilla and I don't mess with XP. (5) Helpers is a bug, albeit one probably present in 2009 too as I haven't altered that code. (6) L9 druids is intended, and again unchanged from 2009 (7) Having to reconfigure for a new game is the tradeoff for being able to change your game configuration in real time. Feedback so far seems to be that most people prefer it that way, so I don't expect it to change. Thanks for the detailed feedback.
  13. From what I have encountered in BG 1 EE on SCS v32.4: 1) I hit Red Mages forest encounter with couple of Stinking Clouds and when I was shooting them into the face, unconscious, all of them had insta-casted Mirror image refreshing every round. Similar thing with another mage (Ogre, iirc) who did instant Mirror Image after I hit him with Blindness. 2) Couple of Druids in Larswood. Both start with Iron Skins. That makes both of them lvl 9 I guess what is a bit high by BG standards. I also noticed them using shapeshifting every couple of seconds back and forth and one of them turned into reactive bear, but neither Faster Bears or Shapeshift Rebalancing were installed in my game. Another incident, when I shooted Iron Skins from Druid, run out of sight for HiS and backstab, he had it instantly recasted, but SCS removes 0 cast time from this spell for a player. 3) Another Druid in Third Cloakwood, Amarande, on the second floor of the tree house. He always turns hostile when Jaheira in the party. This guy started with Shield of Archons and Phisical Mirror prebuffed and was worth 120 exp. Really weird by BG 1 standarts. 4) And druids again, several of them in Cloakwood Grove spawn with 2 extra low-level helpers. You can talk original Druid out of attacking you and he leaves, but his entourage stay there dialogues-less and forlorn. And in general, I restart often, but SCS difficulty options affect current save game only, so I need to go through all configuration menus every time to get mix of the options I like. It was more convenient when configured install-time. PS I really like SCS and respect all the titanic work that was put into the mod, but my first reaction after 10 hours in BG 1 was like "wow, it used to be much more sane and subtle back in 2009".
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  15. If you check the IESDP this flag is colored as an "unknown, but maybe it does this?" value. Looks like the devs were playing with it in IWD classic and it was ported into IWDEE; AR1008 has a container with Erevain's name on it but no flag. Another container there has an unused dwarf's name and a script to hide him if a lockpick attempt failed on the container. I've gone through looting containers and nobody reacted, and the containers didn't do anything special. *shrug*
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    I am having this same problem. Anyone have any ideas? I can select the kits through character creation, but the kit name is never shown, only INVALID XXXXXX. Some of the unique abilities show correctly, i.e., confusion for what i assume was the red knight priest, but the hammer ability also is titled INVALID XXXXXX.
  17. I'm not in a position to address problems which occur with install tools; let me know if you can reproduce the incompatibility manually. (I am aware of some SR/SCS issues and they're on my to-do list; no ETA though.)
  18. For some reason, trying to install SR and SCS together in the EET tool gives me 2 conflicts. Previously, you could use the native IWD spells from SCS to install IWD spells but now it is giving me an error for divine spells from IWD. Secondly, Spell Revisions is said to conflict with SCS's smarter mages. Given that smarter mages is a big part of the SCS install, I was hoping someone could shed light on why they are suddenly conflicting.
  19. For some reason, trying to install SR and SCS together in the EET tool gives me 2 conflicts. Previously, you could use the native IWD spells from SCS to install IWD spells but now it is giving me an error for divine spells from IWD. Secondly, Spell Revisions is said to conflict with SCS's smarter mages. Given that smarter mages is a big part of the SCS install, I was hoping someone could shed light on why they are suddenly conflicting.
  20. I repeat, RTM. All of this is discussed in detail in SCS’s readme. (Edit: I don’t understand “fairly bugged” - have you found a bug in the prebuff feature?)
  21. There is no install-time option to move the control to CHARNAME’s innate ability bar, at least not in weidu part, it defaults for new button in EE installation. I checked setup.tra for v32.5 and new control is never mentioned. So getting something as questionable and a fairly bugged as complete caster prebuff auto-installed was a very unpleasant surprise.
  22. You could do most of this relatively straightforwardly for BG2 (though I suspect you’d generate a lot of bugs unless you did it pretty carefully on a case-by-case basis) because the EE engine is basically a souped-up version of the ToB engine. BG1 is *much* more complicated, because the BG1 engine is quite different. BGEE is effectively a Tutu/BGT style conversion of the BG1 game content, with all the judgement calls that entails - and note that purists have long objected that Tutu and BGT are also not as good as the ‘true’ BG1. (As an aside, this is one reason why the original launch of the EE was quite rough. BGEE is a way more challenging project than BG2EE, and from a programming point of view it would have been better to do BG2EE first - but obviously from a marketing and sales point of view BGEE had to go first.)
  23. RTM. (You are warned to install SCS after any UI changes; you are also given an install-time option to move the control to CHARNAME’s innate ability bar; you are (iirc) also told how to summon the difficulty controls dialogue from the console.)
  24. It would be very nice to have work-around to access this difficulty-tuning dialogue without new button in the interface at Gameplay Options (Maybe there is a one already?). I often install full UI overhauls and couple of them I tried overwrote this menu and button disappeared. Since all options from Smarter Mages and Priests no longer configurable at the installation it brought very annoying situation where I could not remove prebuffing without complete uninstall of whole component.
  25. As we all know, there are some features of the EE engine that are not in any of the IDS or 2DA files, and we can't affect those. Maybe Beamdog can, and they made those decisions, or maybe they can't either and it's something inherent to the IE engine in all its forms. Beyond this, however, what prevents us from taking the EE engine as it is, being the form, and giving it the old files from the classic BG as the content? Now, I understand that it probably could not or would not work with some of the old IDS files, so theoretically let it keep those. Let it keep all of the files without which it can't function, like the graphics for areas - everything it needs along with what might be replaced but there is simply no alternative, like there isn't to the interface. Recolors don't count, and no one has or can bring back the old stone interface, therefore, let the engine keep this one. And let it keep the files that are unequivocally better than the old versions, such as the new script actions. Let us be generous there and not take away anything that has expanded the horizon of available functions. That will still leave a large number of files that could be one way or the other without breaking the engine. Changes that Beamdog introduced to classes, perhaps character progression, not to mention changes in actual creatures, spells, dialogues, ARE files and so on. Why could they not be undone by restoring old file versions? If players are unhappy with Dorn being there, bring back the version of the Nashkel mine script without that encounter and the Friendly Arm Inn ARE without him standing there. If players are unhappy with Montaron's proficiency changes, bring back Montaron's CRE. If it was nice to have powerful Sleep before Beamdog nerfed it, bring that back too. But "if" should be treated positively, as in, those elements amounted to a gameplay that was more original, fast and tight on the whole, so yes, bring them back even against contemporary ideas of "balance." It seems to me that the mechanics of the game under EE fall into four categories: 1) Hard-coded "new engine as such" - leave it 2) What the engine absolutely needs or there is no alternative - leave it 3) What the engine does not need but an obvious improvement in the core functions - leave it 4) Not needed nor an improvement but an iffy alteration - replace it. I don't think it would be all that difficult to sort all of the features into these categories either. This just appears complicated, and it will be if you decide on a case-by-case basis, but why? Most of the vital elements are going to be in the IDS and 2DA files or all-new file formats, like the PVRZ. Not many of those. The VVC did exist in the old engine, didn't it? Then spells can be brought back with their special effects setup. Of course, if you sit down and try to compare the old Dimension Door graphics with the new and decide which is better or ponder whether Safana should not keep the wakizashi, you'll be sitting there shaking your head at the stars forever, but if you side with the old unequivocally everywhere 3 is not the case, you can be consistent and quick as a happy hangman.
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    Items usable by one npc

    Thanks, I'll try it when I can and be sure to update you guys.
  27. http://readme.classicadventuresmod.com/TobExReference.html#ruleset-item-restrictions
  28. I'm sorry, that was as much as I know. Do you want me to edit the topics title to draw more attention to the current question?
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