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  2. Ooh! It should totally include Firkraag's battle against young Gorion, too! Maybe an option where he could join your party. Which one joins, you ask? Why not both? I see nothing wrong with this request. Nope, nothing.
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    Also this

    Maybe not as interesting as the other one, but here it goes: with Teleport Field the game engine counts distance from the position of the target creature at the time the effect is directed at it, not at the time it actually applies. I mean the Delayed/Permanent duration: if you put Teleport Field on someone delayed by, say, 60 seconds, enter maximum range 0 and walk him around, when the time comes he will be transported within 0 points of the original location - that is to say, teleport right back. I discovered this by trying to move creatures whom I gave No Collision Detection from unpassable terrain where they occassionally ended up. Creatures can't walk ON TO cliffs and water, there is no space to click, but they can be moved across them, and the problem was that they were getting stuck there at the end of the movement, after No Collision expired. I had a hunch that putting a little Teleport Field on them after they had rematerialized would eject them to the nearest patch of passable terrain, and I put it on them timed, but instead they reappeared at the point their trip started. I realized that instead of Delayed/Permanent TP I would need to use a secondary spell: cast it at Delayed/Permanent and put inside an Instant/Permanent TP. That indeed does the job and rescues people from impassable places.
  5. Or you could give XP to the dead. Normally characters who die in the big boss fight miss out on the experience, but the connection remains here for healing even after they die, it's probably possible to channel them some XP the same way. Cast it on them beforehand. I haven't tested it, though. Or you can use the reverse of this mechanism - 366 on Preset target, but the spell would have effects for Original caster. You could make spies out of people this way, for example. Cast it on a number of perambulating NPC and let them gather XP for the caster when they move. Or use this in a wide AOE that can be thrown across a dungeon and applies the Wizard Eye effect to creatures. As they walk, they will reveal terrain around them, in a sort of "look through their eyes" telepathy.
  6. No problem. As examples, here are saves just before DSC007 and DSC009. Just enter the cave (DSC007)/the door (DSC007). DSC009 is VERY small, it may be easier to start with this one. But in this save game, I did already entered twice in DSC009 (entering, clicking one coffin, leaving, saving. repeat as much as needed). I can send you a save before. Thank you.
  7. yeah, just referring to the amount. i thought it would be impossible that it's the correctly stated amount, but i get it now btw, it's only the case edit: btw it's not only the case with HoF items, for example Pustule's Flail ... this base difficulty item has save -17 for one thing and save -2 for another at the same time not saying anything should be changed at the automatic conversion level, but eventually, some manual tweaking could "normalize" those massive st penalties
  8. @bob_veng, could you please elaborate what you mean? The "Save vs. X at -Y negates" form is used in vanilla EE descriptions. Exemples: If you're referring to the amount, which in this case is -14, it may look weird at first, but it makes sense considering most items with such high ST mod values are exclusive to Heart of Fury (Legacy of Bhaal) mode only, in which all creatures have extra 10 bonus to Saving Throws (so the -14 is as effective as -4 when fighting the same monster in non-HoF mode). In IWD2 the save penalties/bonuses information is hidden (which I think is bad considering applying save penalty or bonus makes all the difference in weapon effectiveness). In EE descriptions they are always listed, so that's the convention I've used too. Let me know what you think should be changed here.
  9. congrats on this, it's really cool i've checked around 1/4 of the descriptions starting from top, and everything looks alright, except for one issue Save vs. x at -14 negates (replaces the original "x save to resist")
  10. Interesting. Could do a bard song/aura effect that only works when the caster is moving. Or a way to do Expeditious Retreat: everybody can move fast as long as the caster is moving with them... but if anyone casts a spell or attacks, the effect is canceled for everyone. Fun.
  11. Something like: Illusionary creatures get a custom race or some other identifier. Their weapons do little or no damage; most or all comes through a subspell/.eff. On hit, the target must make a saving throw. If the save is successful,* the target gets immunity to the damage subspell, and thac0/damage bonuses to the race/identifier. * A bit awkward to apply effects on a successful save, since the engine usually works the other way. But it's doable, similar to my spell evasion function.
  12. OK, if you haven't met her yet, then bgqe v19 does not add any journal entry there. I *think* this is not bgqe trying to tell you something. Still, I found a local bug with your report, so... thank you?
  13. A few more details about this. This property of 366 can be used in a cycle, recasting itself to work continuously. When a spell is set to cast itself at Instant, an infinite loop will result and the game will crash, but not if it is applied at Delayed/Permanent by, say, 1 second. In combination with 366 it becomes possible to have a constant linking effect between two creatures, one of whom will keep feeding the other by moving. For example, I'm using this to make an "energizing" spell. One character casts SPELL 1, Living actor, containing Apply spell on movement, Self, SPELL 2, on the other. SPELL 2 has two effects: Current HP bonus, Preset target, Instant, 1 point, and Apply spell on movement, Original caster, Delayed/Permanent, SPELL1. This will restart the cycle. Now the first character can run around and every second that he does the other one will be healed by 1 hp. I even checked "Raise dead" in the healing settings so that this energizing will run the companion out of the grave if he dies, but reduced the chance of healing from 100 to force more legwork, for hilarity.
  14. Do you have Brage's Redemption installed, too? (It expands on the quest and there is no journal entry upon picking up the items in pure bgqe, unless I am having bad memory issues.) EDIT: Erm, the journal entries quest improvements for Brage's Sword quest added by Brage's Redemption aren't publicly available yet. So, either you are playing my local version (highly unlikely), are from the future (no idea about the chances of that), or I have to admit I don't know which journal entry this was supposed to be, especially since I do not add any that start with "Borda". Did you get this entry after killing him?
  15. Gibberlings Three Two of cliffette's Mods for BGII were updated: Every Mod and Dog updates to v10 with a Russian translation by Austin! Every Mod and Dog (EMaD) is a WeiDU-based mod that adds a selection of small diversions and sidequests to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Its major aim is to recapture some of the more buoyant and adventurous spirit that was found in the original Baldur's Gate. The mod is compatible with all BGII games (BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, EET). Download Every Mod and Dog Visit the Discussion Thread A Mod for the Orderly updates to v7! v6 introduced BGII:EE and EET compatibility by Deratiseur! v7 comes with a Russian translation by iopden & aerie.ru! This mod adds a keyring to help manage the avalanche of keys you acquire in your journey across Faerun. The keyring can either be gained a quest or directly added to a merchant (different install options). Download A Mod for the Orderly Visit the Discussion Thread
  16. This is the thread for cliffette's Mods for BGII: Every Mod and Dog Fonick A Mod for the Orderly Report any bugs or ask questions here.
  17. Brage's Sword: Met merchant Borda for the first time in the Xvart village, killed him and found sword+letter. The log says: "Your journal has been updated: Borda," It looks like something is missing and i cant find no update in the journal. Im playing: BGQE v19 (installed before bg1npc) EET 1.0 RC12
  18. Last week
  19. I have no idea how that could be Ascension. (Which, to be sure, doesn't mean it absolutely can't be - dependencies can be weird and wonderful.)
  20. No very deep reason. (But don't look for it to change: I touch the underlying code in SSL as rarely as I can possibly manage.) Ultimately SSL's development cycle is that features get added to it as and when I need them for some SCS purpose. The use case you're considering just isn't one I've particularly needed.
  21. Unsure. I don't see it myself, but then I don't test on megamod installations. I think using the 64-bit weidu helps.
  22. Thanks! Unless.. in an EET game, I kill Dynaheir in the BGEE part of the game.. then I should get only Minsc in SoD. Nevermind, I already got the answer here:
  23. @Blash2 I think so, yes. Oh! Didn't see this earlier. And here I was, thinking it was the 4th grade cousin Nööber.
  24. Just for confirmation.. will I be forced to keep both Minsc AND Jaheira during SoD, even if I got there with just one of the two?
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