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Tender love and care for one silent, brooding type

The Mod Corthala Romantique adds a romance for female PCs (no short races) of good or neutral alignment (no chaotic neutral) or female druids. To proceed with the romance, the reputation has to be above 13.

The mod also adds friendship talks for the SoA part of the game for PCs that do not fulfill the romance criteria. For ToB, all dialogues added are for romance, only.

Also added are banters with other NPCs and interjections, for romance and non-romance case in SoA.

What's New in Version v2   See changelog


-compatibility with IEP Valygar Friendship if both mods are installed: CR Romance kills IEP Friendship, but IEP Friendship kills CR friendship talks in case of no romance.
-fixed bug where Valygar's "Tree of life" dialogue would fire randomly elsewhere
-(ToB) Forest talk about not being on Amketharan's dusty streets any more will only fire after party was in Amkethran
-Valygar will no longer mention the name "Veldrin" before Adalon says it
-typo corrections
-renamed setup-corthalaromantique.tp2 -> corthalaromantique.tp2
-added corthalaromantique.ini with mod info
-update to WeiDU v246

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