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The Ascension mod changes the end of the Throne of Bhaal expansion to feature extended roleplaying and tactical opportunities. It was written by David Gaider and members of the IEEAIS group; with permission the project has been modernized and is now supported at G3.

What's New in Version 2.0.11   See changelog



  • Slayer power is no longer granted (and re-granted, and regranted...) if you go to Watcher's Keep in SoA
  • Slightly tightened the script that grants Bhaalspawn powers
  • Blocked a (rare) scenario where Balthazar or another NPC ally could get resurrected, mid-battle, as a neutral
  • 'Slightly improved cutscenes' was erroneously requiring Enhanced Edition
  • Imoen and Sarevok's banters should now be less interruptable (thanks to Jastey for advice on this one)

Compatibility fixes:

  • Imoen's NPC dialogs no longer lead to a stutter-bug clash with Imoen Romance
  • Removed compatibility code with Iylos and Edwin, since those mods have updated to work without it
  • Enforced the requirement that Iylos and Spell Revisions are installed after Ascension
  • Melissan's spear ('spermel') is now patched correctly (and no longer throws a WARNING) if the beta fixes from BG2 fixpack are installed

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