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Tactics, originally from Wes Weimer and a number of other authors, was a mod for the original Baldur's Gate II that added a number of difficult encounters and substantially improved AI for enemies. With Wes's permission morpheus562 has created Tactics Remix, based the original Tactics mod, that adds quite a few optional, but difficult, encounters to BG2:EE and EET aimed to make the game more challenging and rewarding.

What's New in Version v0.6 Beta   See changelog


Official release for version 0.6-beta which brings the following enhancements:

  • Added Improved Sahuagin City component.
  • Added Morpheus562's Improved Planar Prison Bounty Hunters component.
  • Added Morpheus562's Tougher Githyanki component.
  • Added Morpheus562's Tougher Yuan-ti component.
  • Added Morpheus562's Improved Drizzt (BG2EE) component.
  • Kuroisan rewards tied to the difficulty slider.

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