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About This File

This mod offers alternative pathways for choosing allies in your Baldur's Gate II, BGII:EE, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, or EET games.

What's New in Version v11   See changelog


  • French translation by Galathée (of the d'Oghmatiques).
  • German translation by Leonardo Watson.
  • Chapter Increment should be corrected. Incompatibility to Saerileth quest is noted in Readme
  • Maleficus path: fixed dialogue loop with infinite exp if PC killed Aran but doesn't have the required sum of gold to continue.
  • Cutscene "Irenicus in Spellhold" added as in original game.
  • Unkillable Gaelan corrected.
  • Wrong journal entries "Perform Bodhi's tasks to receive her aid" if talking to Tizzak if working for Aster removed.
  • Looping Gaelan's dialogue if not working for Aster or Maleficus corrected.
  • Looping of Bodhi spawning and cursing the PC if not working for her corrected.
  • BGII:EE and BGII with Fixpack: "Sime only repeats her dialogue upon reaching Brynnlaw" fixed.
  • BGII:EE compatibility added.
  • Installer updated to WeiDU v238.

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