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Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters v26.1

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About This File

BGQE is a mini-mod for all BG games: "vanilla" BG (with or without the add-on Tales of the Sword Coast), Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, BG:EE, or EET. It adds several small quests and encounters to the game.

What's New in Version v23   See changelog


-new component added: "Finish Cordyr's Quest without killing Sil" by Lumorus, coding by jastey. Russian translation by yota13, proofreading by Austin. Italian translation by Coland. French translation by Jazira.
-"A Warm PLace for Noober": journal entry will reflect whether player knows about Joseph's death (new lines: Italian by Coland, Russian by Austin, French by Jazira, English and German by jastey)
-French translation finished by Jazira.
-Italian translation heavily revised and improved by Coland.
-Added Dynamic Install Order categories to support Project Infinity.


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