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About This File

The main goal of IWD2 NPC is to give an IWD2 player the opportunity to play with joinable NPCs that are not silent. The mod allows the player to use a pre-made party or a custom character and five premade characters to allow for interaction within the party.

What's New in Version v6   See changelog


- Russian version by p_zombie.
- Fixed repeating dialogue in JAEMB.D.
- Removed dublicated line in P#NIKOB.D.
- Removed loop in P#PRACB.D.
- Fixed izdaer/Prachi dialogue mixup in P#RIZDB.D.
- Party.txt moved from IWD2NPC to directories IWD2NPC\English and IWD2NPC\Russian, as it requires translation.
- The IWD2NPC\chr directory has been moved to the IWD2NPC\English and IWD2NPC\Russian directories, as it requires translation.
- Setup-IWD2NPC.TP2 - added Russian language. Further everywhere in the original added /%LANGUAGE%/.
- Weidu version to v246.
- Updated readme (by jastey).

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