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This is a collection of kits and an item pack from Sorcerer's Place. The mods were originally in an older, harder-to-install format and have been converted to use a WeiDU installer. Item restrictions are also applied dynamically, meaning that the item restrictions for the Arcane Fist and Archer of Sylvanus kits will be implemented across all items in the game, including those added or altered by other mods. Polar Bear, Drizzt1180, and Creslyn wrote the original content.

What's New in Version v14   See changelog


  • On EEs, the Wushi Ninja was not properly getting its thieving skills (thanks to M4RT and polyopte for reporting and fixing)
  • The Arcane Fist relies on the game's universal script to keep its proper fist equipped, but was not accounting for SoD's universal script
  • Fixes to Creslyn's Item Pack:
    • Joorg's Demise is now usable by shaman on EEs, as it is an axe
    • Numerous items had leftover kit usability flags that they shouldn't (name Helm, Talos, Undead Hunter flags)
    • Ivory Ioun Stone shouldn't provide critical hit protection on EEs/TobEx
    • Geirthan's Plate was usable by Avengers and Archers
  • Added more integrations for the in-development EE Fixpack, specifically, the new way it handles 'curing' things such as stun, hold, and feeblemind
  • Upgraded from WeiDU's native ADD_KIT to argent77's ADD_KIT_EX function

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