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This WeiDU mod adds a great deal of content by expanding the depth of character and levels of interaction of the NPCs in Baldur's Gate. It also provides some optional tweaks to the BG portion of the game. Available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, and German, this version ships with WeiDU v246. Banters, player-initiated dialogues, romances, quests, tweaks, and interjections enhance your BG experience when you add this mod to your Tutu, BGT, BGEE, or EET game. We suggest pairing the mod with the optional Music Pack.

Note for Steam/GOG users with Siege of Dragonspear installed: Before installing BG1NPC or any other mods, you will need to use the ModMerge utility to make your game moddable.

What's New in Version v26   See changelog


- New component: "Kivan's Proficiency Tweak", by Angel
- Kivan should count Gerde's ankheg kills correctly.
- Kivan should not reference Prism in Mutamin's garden if he didn't meet Prism.
- Ajantis should not ask Shoal to revive the companion if they didn't die.
- Faldorn should correctly banter with Kagain.
- Halbazzer's dialogue for upgrading the armor should not block his dialogue.
- "Read Gorion's letter" will also trigger in Candlekeep Catacombs.
- "KnowBhaal" variable will only set after letter was read aloud if Gorion's letter is in party's inventory.
- Journal entry for Garrick's quest should close properly for all language versions.
- EET: Tana'ri should be copied to override.
- Compatibility with Shades of the Sword Coast: Bentley will only react to Eldoth if he can see him.
- revised Ajantis' shield colors and BAMs from Sir Kill.
- corrected entry for "Beregost_House08_L2" in cmpvars.tpa.
- Russian version now uses setup.tra out of English language folder.
- added check to forbid installation after EET_End.
- Updated bg1npc.ini with regard to install order syntax.
- Typo corrections.

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