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This WeiDU mod adds a great deal of content by expanding the depth of character and levels of interaction of the NPCs in Baldur's Gate. It also provides some optional tweaks to the BG portion of the game. Available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, and German, this version ships with WeiDU v246. Banters, player-initiated dialogues, romances, quests, tweaks, and interjections enhance your BG experience when you add this mod to your Tutu, BGT, BGEE, or EET game. We suggest pairing the mod with the optional Music Pack.

Note for Steam/GOG users with Siege of Dragonspear installed: Before installing BG1NPC or any other mods, you will need to use the ModMerge utility to make your game moddable.

What's New in Version v29   See changelog


- Reinserted the component "NPCs Can Be Sent to Wait in an Inn" which was removed for v24.
- Fixed install error for some languages (missing new text line added).
- Kivan's lines revised, by Belryll.
- Romances: "Do not flirt with me anymore" will only disable the repetitive NPC initiated flirts. Not any PID options. Not the individual flirty dialogues. Romances without any repetitive flirts should not have this dialogue option.
- Fixed reference to PC's class in one of Coran's lovetalks.
- Fixed dlg reference in Xan-Alora banter (Alora should say her line).
- Fixed reference to PC for quest character in Kivan's encounter.
- Fixed spell level for spwi401 in nythrun_fixes.tpa.

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