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Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) is a collection of more than 100 interconnected mini-mods for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, and Baldur's Gate 1TUTU. SCS is mostly a tactics and AI mod, intended to make the combats in the game more challenging and interesting. Overall, playing SCS shouldn't exactly feel like a whole new game - it should feel like the old game, but with your foes acting much more intelligently and realistically.SCS also includes a few ease-of-use features and tweaks. SCS now includes all the content from the previous "SCSII" mod.

What's New in Version v35   See changelog


  • Updated Polish translation.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the priest memorization screen.
  • Provisions are no longer deprecated on unsuccessful attempts to rest (e.g. when your party is scattered).
  • The main character is now affected properly by Protection from Petrification.
  • 'IWD better scroll placement' no longer causes widespread item duplication.
  • 'IWD better scroll placement' no longer places scrolls of deprecated spells.
  • 'Rebalancing of slightly-too-powerful spells' no longer chokes on items that use the lightning bolt animation.
  • Improved Haste now works correctly if you have the 'haste cancels slow' tweak.
  • The NPC customization and management component wasn't giving thieves all their skill points if Player 1 was 1st level.
  • Fixed a library bug that was giving fighter/druids the fighter/thief HLAs.
  • Polar Ray and Turn Pebble to Boulder's projectiles now have the correct projectile animation.
  • The Shapechange basilisk's form's gaze now uses the correct projectile, and requires a save vs petrification rather than vs spell.
  • The Hill Giant animation (used by the Revised Polymorph tweak) is now correctly installed on BG2EE.
  • Tweaked the way Larloch's Minor Drain works to more closely mirror the way the unmodded one drains hit points, and to affect the innate version too.
  • Fixed several errors in Acid Storm tweak.
  • Fixed several errors in Create Boneguard.
  • Fixed several errors in Combust.
  • Fixed many minor spell errors caught by Luke.
  • Symbol of Pain description now removes mention of a saving throw (previously it said 'saving throw: none' but still mentioned the saving throw in the main text).
  • Thorn Spray description now correctly notes there is a saving throw.
  • Shapechange description now correctly reports Mind Flayer MR as 90%.
  • Fixed a library typo which was removing icons from Shapechange and Polymorph Self.
  • Shapechange duration is now 1 hour (as originally intended), not 10 hours.
  • Updated Iron Body tweak to allow for changes in IWD spell conversion library.
  • Fixed a code typo that was messing with how Elemental Swarm works.
  • Fixed a library bug that was messing with the way newly-created scrolls are targeted.
  • Chain Contingencies containing multiple 'Summon Fiend' spells should now work correctly.
  • Player-summoned fiends now attack properly.
  • Fixed a few text typos.

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