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The Beaurin Legacy introduces an elven Enchanter/Thief and a hidden NPC to BGII:SoA & ToB and BGII:EE. Minyae Beaurin can be found outside of the Crooked Crane in the City Gates. The mod includes custom portraits, a friendship track for both Minyae and the Hidden NPC, numerous banters and interjections, encounters and quest(s), voicing for both NPCs (However, Minyae is fully voiced), a romance with a Bioware NPC, player-initiated dialogues, and custom friendship track themes.


What's New in Version v2.0   See changelog


  • Throne of Bhaal Release (First Release)
  • Corrected additional typos/grammatical errors in SoA
  • Added an alternative class, Enchanter, for Minyae (it is recommended to start a new game to use the Enchanter class)
  • Added a romance conflict with Laufey's Edwin Romance Mod in SoA
  • Added an additional alternative portrait for Minyae
  • Fixed sound channels - thanks to AionZ or Artemius_I
  • Fixed an issue where Hidden NPC's portrait was not shown
  • Fixed a bug where Hidden NPC's banter with the PC would not trigger
  • Minyae receives a new soundtrack, whereas the Hidden NPC has Minyae's original soundtrack.

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