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Spear, Howl of the Tempest


The history of this spear goes back to the founding of Delainy's home.  Everry Moon Dancer, the bards and shamans of Delainy's people, each bore this spear in one fashion or another.  Custom dictated that as each Moon Dancer assumed their duties, they would have to melt the iron of the spear head and forge it anew, carving a haft themselves, so that while it was their own personal connection to the past.


When Delainy became Moon Dancer, she waited until the night of a thunderous storm, and amidst the chill of the freezing rain and crash of the lightning, she stood protectively over a fire, melting the iron down, grinding up one fang from the previous Moon Dancer (who had promised that as long as she lived, her very ancestors would safeguard her), and then pounded the black metal to a point.  As the new spearhead took shape, she allowed the chilling rain quench it, and waited as a bolt of lightning thundered downward, sending sparks into the sky.  While it lay, glowing red from the bolt, Delainy grasped it in one paw, and squeezed it tightly into shape, her blood cooling it a final time, awaiting to be placed on a shaft carved from a tree blown down by a fierce tsunami, and carved into shape by Delainy's own paws.



Equipped Abilities:

+1 AC bonus

THAC0:  +1 bonus

Damage: 1d6+1, +1 electricity damage, +1 cold damage

Damage Type: Piercing

Weight:  3

Speed Factor:  1

Proficiency Type:  Spear

Type:  2-handed

Requires:  5 Strength

Usable by:


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