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Power levels in spells

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Ran the same diagnostic check for power levels on spells. I targeted only the player-castable spells (anything starting with spdr, sppr, and spwi) as the innates and special spells are likely completely crazy. Basically, it was a comparison of the spell's level to its power levels on its effects. Again, abilities and effects targeted at the caster were ignored; also ignored were zero-power visual effects--flamestrike, for example, will always play its column of flame animation, even if the target is immune.

  • spdr01, spwi118 (Chromatic Orb for avenger kit and mages): display stun portrait icon for fifth-level version has power 0. Should change to 1.
  • sppr105.spl (entangle): one sound effect opcode is power 2.
  • sppr210.spl (resist fire/cold): one display string at level 4 has power 0.
  • sppr303.spl, spwi326.spl (divine and arcane dispel magic) : all opcodes are power 0 except its visual effect and removing feeblemind, which are at 3. To work v. magic protections, all of these should be 0.
  • sppr306.spl (protection from fire): The character color pulse effect at all levels is at power 1.
  • sppr315.spl (cure medium wounds), sppr401.spl (cure serious wounds): remove intoxication is at power 0.
  • sppr502.spl (cure critical wounds): remove intoxication at power 0, 'healed' string at power 6.
  • sppr512.spl (greater command): visual effect on target at power 1
  • sppr712.spl (resurrection): most of the 'remove spell' opcodes are at power 5.
  • spwi106.spl (blindness): 'blinded' string at power 0
  • spwi111.spl (infravision): 'infravision' string at power 0
  • spwi113.spl (protection from evil): 'protected from evil' string at power 0
  • spwi210.spl (resist fear): visual effect at power 1
  • spwi223.spl (deafness): visual effects at power 1
  • spwi224.spl (glitterdust): visual effect at power 4
  • spwi302.spl (remove magic): visual effect at power 3, all others at 0. Should add removal of feeblemind to this spell.
  • spwi321.spl (spell thrust): all effects at power 4. Testing needs to be done here--secondary type of magic attack causes target MR to be ignored, possibly also power levels? If yes, no changes needed. If not, needs to be raised to 5 so it can dispel minor spell turning, per its description.
  • spwi322.spl (detect illusion): all effects at power 0.
  • spwi410.spl (remove curse): save visual effect, all at power 3
  • spwi414.spl (spirit armor): display string at power 3
  • spwi613.spl (improved haste): all effects save one at power 3
  • spwi711.spl (sphere of chaos): play sound at power 4
  • spwi721.spl (mass invisibility): actual invisibility effects at power 4 (this error is propagated when the Fixpack clones this effect for its additional spell protections)
  • spwi803.spl (protection from energy): visual effects at power 7
  • spwi812.spl (abi-dalzim's horrid wilting): sound and visual at power 3
  • spwi910.spl (imprisonment): visual effects at power 8
  • spwi922.spl (dragon's breath): all effects at power 0
  • spwi925.spl (comet): knockback at power 0, all others power 9

Bioware did very well as the majority of these are purely cosmetic. Dragon's Breath using nothing but power 0 effects is reason #8,172 why it's better than comet--you can drop DB on a demilich and it'll work, whereas comet will just knock them back. I'd argue it's a bug, though, as other HLA spells use power levels.

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I set Spell Thrust to 3 for consistency's sake, but it can already remove Minor Spell Turning, there's no need to increase.


All of the effects that True Seeing does (remember, it's a shell spell) are power zero, both versions - Bioware was consistent about not allowing illusion removal to be stopped by protective magics, so I left Detect Illusion alone (and Invisibility Purge, which isn't on this list).


I set the wish spells to power nine across the board, and SPCL to zero across the board (most of these were zero already)


Otherwise, same as what I did :) The cosmetic differences only really matter when you're using Spell Trap and the like :love:

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