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Opcode 126: Stat: Movement Modifier


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0 is instant movement

255 is virtually frozen

You sure that's not the other way around? Boots of Speed double the movement rate (so 20 if it's 10), while Boots of Lightning Speed set it to 30. I'd hate to see what 100 does, let alone 200 or 255.
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You only want to use 176 if you're absoabsolutely sure you don't want Free Action to hinder it.


In most cases, you'll want to stick with 126. If you're applying via an item, this will almost certainly be true. Call it playing by the rules. ;)

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In most cases, you'll want to stick with 126. If you're applying via an item, this will almost certainly be true. Call it playing by the rules. :)
Depends on how you're interpreting the "rules." The PnP descriptions for both the Ring of Free Action and the spell make no mention of negating haste or anything of the sort. And I'm sure it would if it intended this behaviour. If Bioware chose to implement this, in contradiction to the 2e rules they were supposed to be working with - well that's their deal. Seems rather asinine to me - "free action" means you don't get hindered by anything. And I'm creating a new item with its own specials, and it'll say so in its description. I would pick PnP rules over Biorules in most situations, unless I'm limited by the engine, which I'm not in this case.


But enough of all that - my point originally with this post is that the IESDP should list the accurate info here (and thus it can be picked up by DLTCEP etc.).

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I don't remember what it was, but the highest setting seemed to be more than 30. Either that, or this value can be doubled to 60 if you haste your character.


Whatever it was, the character was able to zoom accross the slums in 5 seconds. :fish:



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well, if you can set it to 255, but it only counts it as 30, 0 to 255 is still appropriate.
Well, in that case, everything in the IESDP should be set to whatever the data type can take... 255 in the case of unsigned BYTE values. That doesn't mean it's a valid value anymore than anything > 25 is valid for attributes.


I'm pretty sure I tested this and a value > 30 seemed no different than 30. I guess more testing is required re: Haste, Slow effects etc., but I'm rather tired of testing all these, as you can see from my Haste II post here... none of them seem to function as described.

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Why can't the IESDP just be more specific, i.e. Value1: 0-30. Any value above 30 will be considered equivalent to 30. ?
Well, due to popular lack of demand, I tested this a bit more. I made two pairs of boots with equipping effects of movement bonus +21 and +51, which should be roughly equivalent to movement speeds of 30 and 60 for a normal character. Well, there seemed to be no difference at all between these two items. While wearing them, I could zip across Candlekeep in roughly 10 seconds. Though I will say the engine starts to act wacky at high speeds, and even going a different direction seems to produce a different speed entirely sometimes, though maybe that's normal and unnoticed at lower speeds.


Anyway, I hasted myself while wearing both items and indeed, it seemed to produce a movement rate twice as fast, allowing me to cross the area in ~5 seconds. A Slow spell brought it back down to ~10 seconds in both cases.


The only thing I can think of is that you can stack different opcodes (like Haste and Movement Modifier) to get a higher movement rate, but maybe not the same opcode? In any case, there seems to be an upper limit of 30 for equipping effects.

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