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Coran Romance

Kea Renee

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Firstly, I've searched this forum high and low for the answer...


Anyway, I am doing the coran romance, and well, everytime after LT 5- 'Look, it is in you bed roll'

it goes to LT 17 where when in a inn he ogles the barmaids. What am I doing wrong? I mean, should I resist 'attacking the darkness' w/ him or what?

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EDIT: In case I misunderstood:


- there's a dialogue where Coran ogles a barmaid and asks your forgiveness the morning after. That's "okay".

- if he whistles and says "What a girl!" and you have a chance to make a comment about her hairy legs, then, yeah, he is bored with you. See my next post, but beware, there're spoilers there.

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Oh, and your question story-wise:











Yes, you are right: if you want Coran's "good" path(the path where he doesn't get bored with you, though he might, later - he is a chaotic guy), you'd better keep resisting until the dialogue when you have an option to ask him to bring the moon from the sky.

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Talking to Brielbara is the way to advance the quest. Basically, if you talk to Brielbara after curing the child, Coran will go on th guilt trip right away, instead of waiting to initiate the guilt talk.

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