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Relax... Spring will come soon!


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The calender says it's spring; but as I look out the window, I see snowflakes! A picture of last year's tulips and a poem is in order.




SHE slept beneath a tree

Remembered but by me.

I touched her cradle mute;

She recognized the foot,

Put on her carmine suit, --

And see!


-- Emily Dickinson

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Yeah I got fed up with this "snow" business so I'm packing up for the tropics in a couple months. I got a good lead on some beachfront property, dirt cheap. The folio says its slightly under sea level, but why would that be an issue? :) Now I can look at people funny and laugh when they talk about stuff like "skiing" and "snowboarding" - surfing and sunbathing are where it's at.

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Yeah... though I didn't really read the requirements too closely when I signed up for the "Barbarian" position. It's ok when you're pillaging warm, lush, coastal towns, but sacking icy strongholds in the middle of winter gets a bit old after 30 or 40 of those gigs :).

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Snowstorm last I heard from home.


But here? Blue sky, snow's all gone, and it's warm enough to relax outside in the sun with a beer. (with a jacket handy, for the wind)

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