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Kivan won't come to meet me at the Promenade.

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I've been told that Kivan will be looking for me in the Promenade, but I can't find him anywhere. I've started a new game and I'm on Chapter 1 i think and I'm wondering, do you have to be on Chap 2 to find them or something?


edit: he still doesn't appear in Chap 2.


Anyone know where to find them? and does anyone know their codes so that I can cheat him in to my game if I don't find him (and maybe his wife/lover as well :))?


(And it worked perfectly to install them I think, if that helps at all?)


I posted this threat on a different site and I got a post back saying:


Kivan should actually find you, approaching and starting a conversation with you almost immediately after Imoen and Irenicus are whisked away by the Cowled wizards.This always happened for me right in that battle area as I was picking up the loot from the shadow thieves & wizards that Irenicus killed."



But in my game he doesn't come to greet me at all :)


Help please? :)

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