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CLUAConsole error ? Aerie Romance

Elfen Lied

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I am aware that Aerie has a baby, but it takes a extremely long time


so in order to see this thing happen in the shortest amount of time after finishing all 5 challenges i just enable CLUAConsole, by editing the Badur.ini file by adding the lines Debug=1 and cheats=1 where appropriate,


then in game i hit CTRl + spacebar then i type in







inplace of # i used 120 (as in two minutes)



and nothing really happened.


even tried setting it to something less than 10 same thing,



she is pregnant in my game, tried to sleep with her and she said something about not knowing surface men found their pregnant women attractive.

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Keep in mind Aerie's pregnancy timer won't be checked until a certain part of ToB - IIRC you have to defeat the Ravager first, then go someplace outside.


EDIT: Yes, that means the romance has to be all but completed before you get that talk.

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im in that desert town with the monastary, i havedone all 5 challenges, the only thing left i nthegame to do is fight Melessan


the romance is still going, becuase i check the "activeness" and it said 2, 3 is finished.


You can't set the timer for the particular amount of minutes from the CLUA. Set it to 1, that's iirc the only thing that works with speeding up the timers.


so your saying i just type;



and that should speed it up.

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