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Are you going to rescue or enslave Aklon?


Are you going to rescue or enslave Aklon?  

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Gavin (human cleric), Eleniel (elven cleric), Miriel (elven fighter/mage), Morwen (human or elven paladin), Maddee (human ranger), Saeldur (elven ranger), Calanon (elven sorcerer), and Alana (elven ranger) would free him as soon as they possibly could.


Turin (human fighter) would buy him first, because that's the way his brain works, but he'd free him immediately afterward.

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Oh, my PCs would definitely set him free every time. In all scenarios, the fact that Aklon just so happens to be a tall, blond and handsome human male will certainly enter into the equation.


My LE mage would reason that while it could certainly be entertaining to have keep the monk collared and at her beck and call, it's not entirely wise to entrust the lives of herself and her party members to someone that would undoubtedly wish to do away with his oppressor. An added bonus would be the possibility that he would prove more receptive to any overtures she makes; the proverbial honey is said to catch more flies than vinegar, after all. In the event of a persistant Aerie and a smug Viconia ("I warned you about letting males run about unfettered, abbil"), she'll probably curse her earlier decision, though!


As for my CN rogue, well, she and slavery just wouldn't work out. She'd purchase him one moment, and then next she'd have thrown the collar off and be buying him a round at the local tavern and recounting saucy stories since he was acting waaay too uptight for her liking. :)

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I think more of you will choose the first option, though...

I would definitely have to say that all my PCs would free him. Not only is it in character, but when you step back, and take a look at the big picture, keeping someone collared is not a good basis for a healthy relationship... :)


Btw, I think I recall BigRob writing somewhere that the romance will still be possible, even if you keep him collared, but will offer some interesting complications. I'll edit this post if I manage to find exactly where... (unless it's a product of my imagination! :) )

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My LE mage would reason that while it could certainly be entertaining to have keep the monk collared and at her beck and call

yeah, that's what i was thinking thaxsillia (my half drow, half cambion CE cleric) would think. The other one who'd enslave him, jehalia (half drow NE sorceress), would probably do it because she'd reason that he'd do the same to her, and alyria (elf CN assassin) would do it simply to teach him a lesson for getting caught in the first place. The other two, vestrael (yes, that's my username) and kharalea would all free him, for various reasons.

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Interesting to see the poll and some of the character based responses.


It will be possible to romance Aklon if you enslave him, but it will be different from what you get if you set him free (his mood is understandably different with that collar around his neck). Bear in mind though that you won't have to set him free immediately, if you can talk fast enough.

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My PC's answers:

Laniel: "Enslave him! More fun that wayyy!!!"

Natasha, Igrevein, Lisa: "free him of course!"


I'm afraid tastes differ...

but since I am the one who plays...

I would enslave him *titter*!

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