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Problem with multiple stronghold(s) -- Druid


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I created a fighter character who is a grandmaster in quarterstaff. I equipped him

with the +3 Martial Staff (Aule's staff in BG1). When it came time to kill Faldorn

he was sent into the pit with no staff whatsoever -- not his +3 staff, nor a

plain one. So he attacked with his fists, and could knock Faldorn unconscious,

but could not kill her until I moved the rest of my party close and had one of

them hand him a weapon.


Faldorn did not have a staff either.


I've not had this problem before, with other fighter characters with different

weapon specialties. I have a save I could send you should you be interested.


Thanks very much,


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There are 2 quarter staffs on the floor of the pit. You pick one up and kill Faldorn with it :)


Not for me, there aren't. Absolutely nothing on the floor of the pit. Also, this

fighter is a Kensai, while my last fighter was a Berserker; just another difference

that I recalled.

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