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unknown pst effect: 0xc5-0xc8, 0xca


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Yeah, they absolutely don't change anything.

0xca checks if the affected creature is still alive, but that's all. It does the same both cases.

The rest doesn't even bother with that.


I will use this thread to list other unimportant pst opcodes as i checked them :)

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This isn't exactly unimportant:


opcodes 188-191 are exactly the same code (this is probably known).

The mode field is a special bitfield with at least 2 double bits (2 bits designate a mode).


0x1000 - stick to target


mask 0x30000

0x10000 - background animation (animation is always behind actors)

0x20000 - animation is drawn over actors

0x30000 - twin animation (one before one behind)


mask 0x300000

0x0 - normal drawn

0x100000 - (per surface transparency) the transparency value is in the rgb field, with an additional fading speed in dice size

0x200000 - this is a weird effect because the rgb field is used both as transparency and as color tint

0x300000 - (per pixel transparency) blend


there are a few other bits i have not discerned yet

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