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SHS: Aurora's Shoes and Boots Announced!

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Have you ever wished that Athkatla were a little livelier? Ever wanted to know just what Lord and Lady Ophal got up to in their spare time? Wished that the shopkeepers had more than two lines apiece? Had lives of their own?


Ever wished you could buy some Boots of Speed looked a bit more, well, dashing? Thought about buying Imoen some pink boots of stealth? Wanted to use the Stinking Cloud that must form around your travelers for some truly *useful* purpose?


Waste no more time on wishing!


Now that Aurora is here, you can have all these things and more!


Aurora's Shoe Shop introduces more than a dozen new pairs of boots that are both useful and stylish. in addition, Aurora herself is there to add a bit of spice to Athkatlan life. She'll chat with you about nobles and commoners alike, providing exciting (if not always accurate) information about their daily lives.


Coming soon...


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