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SHS: Worldmap 6.5 Released

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The Worldmap v6.5 and above series map was designed with the idea of having 1 map that could be used with any combination of game and modifications that uses the BG2 engine. The map covers Baldur's Gate and its surrounding areas (through installation of BGT-WeiDU), Athkatla and its surrounding SoA-ToB areas, plus a large portion of Faerun to the South and East for future modifications.


Current mods that have had extensive testing completed for use with the Worldmap are The Darkest Day v1.11 (TDD), Shadows over Soubar v1.11 (SOS), Check the Bodies v1.8 (CtB), Secret of Bonehill v2.05 (SoBH), Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BGTWeiDUWM6 (DSotSC), Northern Tales of the Sword Coast for BGTWeiDUWM6 (NTotSC), & Region of Terror v2.0 (ROT). BG1Tutu should also be fully compatible.

The worldmap will also be compatible to the Drizzt Saga mod.


The Worldmap is dynamic so any modification that adds new areas to the Worldmap may be made compatible with the addition of the proper code to its TP2. The only stipulation for using the Worldmap with any modification that is made compatible with it is the Worldmap must be installed after the modification. A general rule of thumb to follow is simply installing the Worldmap at the end of your installation, just prior to running your GUI switcher.


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