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A Wonderous Flirt Machine


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Ladies and Gentlmen!


I'm looking for flirtaceous deeds and words for Rizdaer's, Salomeya's and Peony's flirts as I am starting to work on their Flirtpacks. :)


I generally divide flirts on the Player-Initiated, At Waking, Outdoors and Indoors categories, and I am looking for the thinggies that can repeat.


Edit: The At Waking category is scrapped for its non-reliable performance, and I need MORE flirts for each of the characters! Suggestions are very, very, very welcome!

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Well, I'm doing every sort of scented oil/massage thing I can think of for Riz. Lots of creepy went into his Mistress romance path, but I think I'll use a few of those for his early ones in a normal romance too...

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I can definitely see more "cutesy" flirts for Peony. She might even tease the PC a bit.


I don't really know much about Drow "romantic" customs, but there could definitely be some humor there with Rizdaer.


For Salomeya . . . well, she'd probably do stuff to catch the PC's eye. Little, seductive gestures or something (in early stages).


Sorry I'm not more specific; I'm having a non-creative day.

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I just googled romance and drow out of curiosity and came across an article on Lust and Romance in D&D, however upon reading the article I decided it was not appropriate to link it in such a general forum. Some aspects might be good for a few racy flirts though, I'm thinking of Salomeya, so if you are interested Domi I can pm it to you.


I found this particularly interesting ...


I see some Drow males being more inclined toward males. Gods know they can't trust the women. Drow males often spend a lot of time around other males, in hunting parties and the like. Why wouldn't they take advantage of their time away from the women who rule them?


It would certainly explain why Rizdaer spent more time talking to Diriel than my PC in my last game. :)

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I think it's time to ressurect this thread. So far there are two things that I see from the comments:


-After Rest flirts often trigger not exactly after rest.

-There is relatively high repetitiveness to the flirts.


So, what I can do is the following:


Take the after rest flirts and try to remake them into Dunegon/Outdoor ones 'padding' those two categories and eliminating the wrong triggering.


Will that work for you?

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If resting flirts can't be reliably triggered, then dungeon flirts would be a better option, since as Shieara said, they're pretty jarring if you didn't just wake up.



Also, given the amount of dungeon space in IWD, they'll probably be most welcome.

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Yeah, I keep getting consistent feedback on the flirts mis-triggering and repeating, so, I think it's the way to go. And yes, I think, I will have to make Dunegon flirts side heavier than the Outdoor flirts side. Instead of 15+10+10, I will need to go probably 20 to 25 or something like that. Which is 20 extra flirts (10 early, 10 late) per each of three characters that utilize the split-flirts. Gods have mercy on me!


Well, if anyone at all can think of a good repetitive flirt for anyone at all, please, post here! Send them by a carrier pigeon! Anything! Something! :(

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