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Female Voice Actor Needed


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Voice actress found!


The inimitable berlinde is voicing Aurora!


Aurora of Aurora's Shoe Shop needs a voice actor!


Aurora is a cheerful, outgoing woman somewhere in her fifties. I'd prefer someone whose voice is in the mid- to lower-range. I think of her as having very clear enunciation, and a lot of drama. If it's any help, look to her necklace and earrings--her whole personality is like that.



I tend to think of her with an American accent, but almost any accent could work--except for upper class British. She is *not* a noblewoman!


There are twenty some bits of gossip that need recording, as well as the introductory conversation.



Here are some sample lines, for those interested:


Hello, handsome. What's someone like you doing in boots like those?




I've the best shoes and boots in all of Amn! I've something for everyone - Take a look!




I was just being polite! Unlike you. Here.




I hear young Lord Corthala got himself in trouble with the Cowled Wizards. They say he went wild and killed a dozen of them before he was hunted down and killed.


Such a handsome young man... It seems a shame. Well, that family always was a bit on the mad side. They say Lady Corthala turned herself into a lich. Or was it a vampire? I know it was something creepy.

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