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Scarlet Ninja-To

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I'm not sure if this is something that should be addressed, or addressed by the fix pack, but here goes....


Thieves [and Stalkers] can use Ninja-To's [the mundane or +1 varieties] to backstab with, getting the proper damage multiplier.


However, they [Thieves] don't seem to be able to backstab with the Scarlet Ninja-To [once they have UAI and are able to use it at all, of course].


Would this be considered a bug, needing a fix, since they can use other Ninja-To's and it is the class/type of weapon that is the limiting factor with backstabbing weapons, or...


is this considered a "feature" and the way it should be, since although the Scarlet Ninja-To is the right class of weapon for a backstab, this unique weapon is specifically for Monks, who can't backstab, thus no one should be able to use it *for* a backstab?

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It's only usable by monks. A weapon has to actually be usable by thieves for the engine to try backstabbing with it (you can use it with Use Any Item, but you won't be able to backstab).


It may not be the perfect behavior, but it currently works the way it's supposed to.

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Unfortunately, it's the way it has to be looked at. There's no way to make the weapon usable for backstabbing without making it always usable by thieves, which was clearly not intended.


I understand the difficulties with hard coded stuff. Doesn't neccessarily make me happy about it, but I accept it. :)


Thanks again.

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