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Countdown to v3...

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Oh, heh. I could make a decision, but I really, really, really, really don't pay attention to magic schools (and, inevitably, someone will try to cite the PHB as if it has any bearing). I've been waiting for someone else to comment. :)

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devSin: the other elemental spells are not selectable. So I would call it a bug.


Nythrun: I don't know about the scroll, I am just telling you that the spell is selectable at character creation.


Miloch: I agree with what you say.

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Hehe. I've had it sitting here and ready since Sunday--I'm just waiting on a few more translations. :)


I just discovered this wonderful site yesterday, after digging out my copy of BG2 and wanting to spruce up my adventure. I was about to install v2 and then came across this post. Should I just wait for the v3 Fixpack? My itch to play BG2 only became stronger after finding all these awesome mods! :)

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Wait for version 3 of the Fixpack to be out. It should really be a matter of days.


There are a number of great mods available so I would suggest to check thoroughly Gibberlings3 and other communities like:


Pocketplane Group at www.pocketplane.net

Spellholdstudos at www.spellholdstudios.net

Black Wyrm's Lair at www.blackwyrmlair.net


Have fun!

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