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What is your Gothic Name?


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If I use my full name, I get "Withered Waste". If I just use my first name, I get "Bloody Tears".


If I use Jean-Paul Sartre's name (don't ask...), I get "The Evil Fairy", which is kind of fitting. For Jean-Paul Sartre, that is.

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Try here:





Velvet Crotch  ;)

Strikes me as more Keli's name. :p


Liquid Dreams and using my second name, 'Midnight Remptress'... 0_0 :)


Using my full alias, I get... Latex Sex!? :D


EDIT: Interestingly, Imoen (with my made up surname for her-her full anme can't just be Imoen...) gets 'Mightnight Temptress' also.


Loké: Deranged Insanity (Sounds about right! :) )

Bri: Beautiful Discrace

Keli: Demented Whore (0_0)

Grim Squeaker: Pixie Corpse

Minsc: Faerie Corpse



I could carry on all day... :D

...Enter Delainy's name into it! ;)

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