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SHS: Spellhold Gauntlet Beta Released

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Spellhold Studios


An extra apparition shows up in the area where you have a chance to pick up Imoen. It offers a simple alternative to the complicated puzzles and tests and levels that the Spellhold Maze offers - the Spellhold Gauntlet.


The Spellhold Gauntlet is a series of trials meant to test your limits, both your mettle and your resource management. If you survive you probably have considerable focus of both mind and body. In this chamber you shall be in the centre of the room and be continuously set upon by waves of enemies, and you will receive tokens in return for defeating each wave.


These tokens can be used in exchange for

- opportunity to rest between waves

- random items of varying power; if you wish to select unique items you will need to spend more tokens

- your freedom to leave the Gauntlet and move on directly to Judgment

- immediately leave the Gauntlet and move on to the riddles portion of the Spellhold Tests


This mod aims to fulfill a few aims

- provide a simple, accelerated route through Spellhold for players replaying it for the umpteenth time

- provide items that most players feel are too good to miss in Spellhold

- providing combative challenges to those who choose the harder waves

- providing XP comparable to the original route, or even more, depending on the difficulty of the waves

- providing an almost limitless stream of potential magic items (non-unique) for those who have the mettle to battle on in the Gauntlet


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