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Winski's Cacofiend scroll

Guest Petrushka

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Guest Petrushka

Hi, I've just finished playing through BG Tutu with 1.2 beta 3 of this mod, and really enjoyed it (I found the Branwen romance sad -- in a good way).


However, there's one point about the mod that I felt made the ending a little ... well ... cheesy. I didn't have Dynaheir in my party, and when I found Winski in the Thieves' labyrinth I was surprised to find that killing or pickpocketing him gave me some items that, shall we say, made the endgame a bit easier than it probably should have been!


Admittedly sending a Nabassu against Sarevok and his minions isn't a clincher by any means (a Nabassu falls to Sarevok's party in about three rounds) but it made taking out his allies a LOT easier.


I'm not complaining, mind -- my party probably wouldn't have survived the final battle otherwise (they were mostly level 6 -- hadn't gone through Durlag's Tower or Ulgoth's Beard). Just ... throwing that out there.


Took me a while to work out which mod had introduced this pleasant surprise :-) I don't know if it's possible to make the scroll undroppable, or if that would even be desirable. Certainly I appreciated it!

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The scroll and amulet are there definitely as reward for the enhanced encounter with Dynaheir in the party; with Dynaheir in the party you have to survive a summonned Tanar'ri. We had to tone down the Tanar'ri script because it was clobbering experienced player parties of higher level. I think we overlooked the possibility of pickpocketing those items; we will need to make them somehow contingent upon creation of the actual encounter. Glad they helped you, though :)

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In latest internal, repaired by moving the item from tp2 to dialogue, and placing them on the final line.


Adjustment to D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\TRA\english\X#DYNQST.tra

@207  = ~We have but to continue forward into the Undercity to find our fates. Perhaps these items from the fallen vremon can serve us with more success.~

Please check for fit and character!!!


Adjustment to D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase2\DLG\X#DYNQST.D


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN X#DynaWinCompletedFinal
SAY @207
IF ~~ THEN DO ~GiveItemCreate("SCRL8I",Player1,1,1,0) GiveItemCreate("X#WINAMU",Player1,1,1,0)~ JOURNAL @208 EXIT



Removed corresponding item assignment from the fallen Winski. This separates the items from any .cre called, and places it in the same position as standard Quest rewards.

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