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The count or size value isn't correctly stored (as you note). It may not actually be used for that as you suggest, but it would have to go somewhere, and there's nowhere else for it to go (that I remember). Beyond that, the only other explanation is that it's just plain bahroken.


I don't remember much else about the structure beyond the floating EFFv2 structs (I couldn't easily do this for NI without a valid count, and I wasn't able to ever get one). I don't want to look at the structures again until you've tried it in-game and confirmed that it works (grrr!) or it doesn't work (hallelujah!). Me lazy.


I still don't know what additional data you expect the structure to hold. Everything "they're capable of using" should be contained in the referenced PRO file except who actually cast the damn thing. So if it's PC only, case closed.

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Having a PC cast skull trap, Imoen set snare, and Anomen glyph of warding in Chateau Irenicus yields (consistently) the following values for the effect size field: skull trap = 0x00600318, set snare = 0x00d60108, glyph of warding = 0x00640108.


The effects list size field looks like it's always of the format 0x00XvYvZv. Skull trap has three effects and always has Yv = 03, the level seven thief snare and glyph of warding have one effect and always have Yv = 01. It's at least possible that this field is four bytes, the second of which is a count of embedded effects in the attached structure.


I'll see if I can get some proper research done tomorrow, with more data points and less pocket lint.

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One last follow-up: the nishruu patch is now moved to the modder section, as it does nothing in SoA or ToB games. The opcode is disabled in ToB and in SoA it'll eat anything regardless of the presence of the default (0) headers.

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So, er, sorry to bring such an old thing back but the text description of the spell in tob still states, incorrectly, that it drains charges. Could this be changed or does it do something else even more horrible?

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