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But can you rhyme?


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Okay, I'm writing a flirt for Peony, that goes:


Start composing a song in her honor: ‘Peony, you’re a maid most fair…’


What I am looking for is a variety of rhyming lines, that become the second 'line' of the song. If it's a silly, teasing line (ie 'Too bad your nose is big as a pear...'), a third line can be a rhyming come back from Peony ie ('Said a big stinky bear...')


So, if you have any ideas, please, feel free to throw them on the pile, it's one of the expandable flirts that can take a great number of responces.

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Start composing a song in her honor: ‘Peony, you’re a maid most fair…’




... You've sparkling eyes, and silvery hair

... Your beauty is beyond compare

... A precious jewel, a stone most rare

... When you walk by, men stop and stare

... Lock up your sons, mothers beware


Not so nice.


... At least compared to yonder mare

... But your skirt is torn, your arse now bare

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Consider it penance for my absence, I'm snowed under with thesis work so I've not gotten round to the test run I promised.



Oh since my last post I've come up with...



PC: Peony, you're a maid most fair ...

Peony: Thank you kind sir, I'm glad you care


and I know you didn't ask for Salomeya related responses but she wouldn't be happy with the PC muscling in her territory


PC: Peony, you’re a maid most fair…

Salomeya: We're not in the mood, go flirt elsewhere.


PC: Peony, you’re a maid most fair…

Salomeya: Your rhyme is dire, us poets despair.

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I was going to do something similar for Salomeya, but now you've mentioned it, I think I will grow a whole poetic bickering match between the three of them from "Your beauty is beyound compare". I think it will be pretty funny.

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A couple of thoughts:


PC: Peony, you're a maid most fair ...



At least within a monster's lair?

So long as you shave off all the hair?




Surely, men for you would danger dare?

A skillful lass with verve and flair?

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Stream of consiousness fform a decidedly non-dialogue person, but these might go for sparking other ideas/brainstorming:


your odor is of fine wolfwere...


I'd kiss you but I do not dare...


T'wards others I must repair...


a glass of wine we should now share...


meet me at the river there...


your lips are sprouting a little hair...


your bottom is shaped justlike a pear...



ok, I give up :)

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