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spell progressions and chopping up the faster cutscenes component


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First, all the options I have for altered spell tables leaves me a little bewildered. Which choices actually give me more spells?


Second, I don't want to make all the cutscenes faster. Just the dreams, Gaelan, and the very first scenes before Imoen sets you free. What stuff would I need to comment out in Setup-BG2_Tweaks.tp2 and faster_start.tpa to make my wishes come true? EDIT: Believe I've already figured this out, though I haven't tested yet.

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The Un-Nerfed options will grant more spells.


For faster cutscenes:

  • newgame.bcs is the opening 'Ah, the Child of Bhaal has awoken' cutscene.
  • cut01[a-g].bcs compose the Irenicus-CW fight in the Promenade.
  • The changes to player1d.bcs control the dreams
  • Gaelan is handled by the changes to ar0400.bcs, galean.dlg (via gaelan.d), and gaelan.cre.

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