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Amelia, level drained?

Guest aboyd

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Guest aboyd

I was in the Firewine with Coran. He saw the ghost, I think her name is Amelia?






So she turned into a demon and attacked. We beat her. But I have three bugs to report. First, after beating her, we talked to Nathan and he did not deliver any potions, although he took the ring. Second, I was able to acquire 5 baskets of roses by simply going back and forth between Nathan & Amelia, never picking the dialogue to unmask Amelia. Silly. But the third one is the big one. Amelia level drained Minsc. I went to a temple, expecting the same services as in BG2. However, in BG1, apparently they offer no restoration services.


How would I deal with this? Are there scrolls I can buy? I've not found one yet. Is there any CLUAConsole command that would heal Minsc's damage?


Thanks for the help! Love the mod!

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