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Weird install issue with Monk HLAs

Guest PKC

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While running the WeiDU installation, for the Oversights mod, when the Monk HLA option comes up it skips completely, saying that I do not appear to have TOB installed. The only reason I can think of this happening is that it is looking for TOB in the C:/ drive, while my SoA and TOB are installed in the D:/ drive...


Am I the only one with this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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When you install the mod (or try to), you'll have a file called Setup-Oversight.tp2 in your game folder. Open that with a text editor and comment out the line that says REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~mel01.cre~. Do that by putting a double slash // in front of it. There's another one later that has ~saradush.mve~ instead. There might be more lines you'd have to comment out where it's trying to copy or access a ToB resource that isn't there.


I'm wondering why the mod has an ALLOW_MISSING section for ToB creatures but requires ToB to be present. Anyway, it sounds like you *do* have ToB. It really shouldn't matter where it's installed, as long as you're installing this mod in the same place where it's installed.

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I'm having the same problem. My game is installed in c:\


Since in my case it's not a matter of it "looking in the wrong place", but the files not being where they're actually supposed to be, is it still okay for me to simply edit the tp2 to skip the check? I noticed saradush.mve is not a file inserted by this mod like mel01.cre is. The other ToB mandatory components of this mod installed fine.


Also, I get a different error trying to install saying 25MOVIES.BIF cannot be loaded. See attached picture.


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After much poking around I think I found the answer to my concerns from my last post in an obscure place. I'm adding the info here in case someone else is searching for it since I didn't find it elsewhere in these forums.


Big World v11 Installer's PDF manual says 25MOVIES.BIF might not get copied over on game installation and may cause a crash when entering Baldur's Gate city. It says to manually copy it from the CD, and indeed I found the file there. I'm guessing it wasn't installed because I chose the recomended install rather than full install, and so I doubt it will actually be a problem with the CD in the drive. I'm guessing this may also the case with the Saradush.mve file, although I didn't find that one in the ToB CD, or at least not unpacked.


I don't know for sure yet, but anyone with this same question can probably rest assured or at least have an idea where to start if they have problems. And if these files are left out on a minimal/recommended install of the game, they probably shouldn't be used to check if ToB is installed in future mod updates.

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