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Scripting - While alone


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I'm trying to do a script where the creature will only walk and begin the dialog if they only see the protagonist, and nobody else from the party. How would I do this? Also, how would I transport just the protagonist to an area without moving the entire party?

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Moving Protagonist only - usually it is not done(it may disrupt the view in the cutscene, for example). Usually the party teleports somewhere off-screen and becomes unselectable, PC alone can move around. I'd recommend this approach - see Spellhold cutscenes.

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Well, then you could transport your whole party, keep others non-selected(purple circles) somewhere in the corner(so the player won't even know they are there), and control the adventure via cutscenes. In Xan I used O#Cut2a.baf-O#Cut2e.baf - cutscenes to get my party around Irenicus' Dungeon once again, so they couldn't just wander around.


This piece of script



- will get your party members into the upper left corner of AR0020. Replace AR0020 with an area of your choice, and you're all set.


The sort of thing that happens in Watcher's Keep, where PC moves as a spiritual warrior - this could work, too.

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Nope, it's more along the lines of the party having to find our hero...


Why nevermind, after a little more looking into the pocket plane spell effect I've figured out how to do it via spell. That it can be done by spell helps quite a lot. Now to get the whole editting original areas without screwing them part down...

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Ah, yes, this one is tricky. Tell us if you manage it: I'll be interested to see a solution.


When I was doing a "PC is kidnapped" quest, I had to knock PC out, have the screen fade to black and then have her come to in a hut among party members: since she wasn't with the group, she wasn't supposed to know about how exactly they rescued her.

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Yes well, seeing as how this is my first mod that (in theory anyway) will be heaviely script dependant and that I have a bad case of ADD don't expect it done anytime soon... :)


Oh, if anybody wants to help they're welcome too. :)

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Well I saw that, but wouldn't that not effect our hero, and if not how exactly do I get it to? Whats IESDP stand for anyway? I would guess Infinity Engine Script "Something starting with a D" Program but I'm probably way off.

Forget it, too complicated, our hero is keeping their stuff.

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Although it doesn't have much to do with the scripting part, which would you rather? Be able to explore your surroundings and control your party looking for you or just have control of your party?

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Probably best to leave the player in control of both groups, since the plaer will probably be able to at least see the main character on the map. Best to let the PC wander about in his/her trapped state while everyone else comes to find them.

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