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MegaInstall and Holy Symbol (and other) checks


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Hope I tagged the right mod...


For those of use who play a MegaInstall (BGT/BP/biggie mods), one of the biggest challenges is keeping the baldur/25.bcs as small as possible, hoping that it'll reduce the stutter bug. Doesn't always work, but we try.


Anyway, DR has both Holy Symbol, and what looks like kit assignment, checks in both those scripts. From my aging memory, I do understand why they are there. My question is, can they be moved to some other, less-frequently-firing script, or some other mechanism used to fire them? The Holy Symbols checks are only valid when the characters reach Level (25?). The kit assignments I have no idea how else to run them, as they apply to all party members.


Just curious if there is a way to do this.

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