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Sound fixes - to core fixes instead of GTU


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Most of these were already addressed by the GTU; only the ones that weren't already fixed were added. (And in all honesty, they should really either be all-GTU or all-Core Fixes instead of the current split.) I'm always a little hesitant with stuff like this because the lines may be slightly different in foreign language versions, or the sound files may not exist, etc.


I'd really like to see all sound fixes as all-Core, if it is possible. Because, first, yes, it would be logical, and, second, for those who don't feel comfortable with many changes by GTU, choose not to install this component, but would like to have the proper sounds assigned to Irenicus/Valygar/Ellesime's lines.

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Agreed, but let's wait for v5. This change means new lines that have to go through the translators--v4 currently doesn't have anything new that needs translating, and I want to get it out ASAP.


As an aside when you spot something in th GTU you don't like, it's better to post specifics about it so it can be fixed. There's not a lot we can do with 'zomg sux0r'.

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Yes, but it's so much easier to just quietly uninstall the thing and stick to Core Fixes. I think it's like Keto via BG1 NPC: with Keto I've listed about half a dozen typos in her forum and was content; with BG1 NPC, it would be spending at least a tenday writing a list of typos, and listing typos is much slower and more tedious than actually fixing stuff. With BG1 NPC, I was allowed to go and fix stuff, so I went and spent a week and fixed it, together with other people who spotted typos and formatting/capitalization errors before/after me. Do I want to spend at least two weeks and give you another long list(fully aware that some of it will make it in, some not, and fully aware that I no longer trust this component, and I will not install it)? I think I'd prefer other tasks.

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Valygar's initial sound file is missing in the original game, same for several other characters.


Only BG2 Fixpack fixes these sound assignments, but not without editing dialog.tlk rather freely(just take a look at Jarlaxle's dialogue), and while I want my sound files, I don't want other text edits And, yes, this comes from a person who just wrote to the publishing company for re-printing The Magic Anatomy Book Carol Donner in Russian and editing a few sentences. Because I REMEMBER.

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