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Kivan/Coran conflict question *Spoilers*


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I was reading through Coran's dialogue files when I saw something that looked very much like a... romance conflict with Kivan? :) I stoped reading there, since I want to leave some suspense there, if this is what I think it is.


I thought that BG1 NPC project Kivan has a friendship track only? And that this friendship track continues and can end up in a possible romance in BG2 -- Domi's mod, 'Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2' (btw, thank you, thank you for that :) ).


Am I wrong? What kind of content does Kivan have in BG1?

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Keep in mind that BG1 NPC evolved over a long period of time. It contains a lot of legacy code. It is possible that what you have seen (and I saw it, too, since I proofread that file) is a leftover from before the male romances were fully implemented.

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Berelinde's correct. The dialogue you are talking about is what left from legacy stuff Bren and I were toying with some years ago to make testing more fun. Kivan really don't have any true romantic content in BG1, his romance starts in SoA and continues in ToB.

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